Lucion wins place on framework for Northern Lighthouse Board

12 November 2021

We are excited to announce that Lucion Environmental has successfully been awarded a placement on the Northern Lighthouse Board’s framework for Asbestos Testing Services to provide asbestos surveying, sample analysis and air monitoring.


About Northern Lighthouse Board

The Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) is the General Lighthouse Authority responsible for the waters surrounding Scotland and the Isle of Man and for the superintendence and management of all associated lighthouses, buoys and beacons. Their service is of vital importance to the prevention of accidents and incidents around the coastline; safeguarding not only lives and property, but also protecting our precious marine environment.


Providing our services

NLB is responsible for over 200 lighthouses around Scotland and Northern England which may need asbestos surveying and analytical services over the course of the three year contract. We will be providing the following core Lucion services as part of the framework:


Neil Smethurst, Lucion Services Area Director, said:

“This is an exciting opportunity to deliver our services to the lighthouses that protect the mariners and our shores by providing the highest level of customer service through client liaison, safe practise and our innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs.”


We are highly experienced in working in marine and other remote site environments 

The lighthouses are located in remote sites along the coastlines of Scotland and the Isle of Man; most of which are accessible by road, however, some require access via helicopter. 

We have developed a sound understanding of the challenges this brings due to our experience of delivering services for clients in similar remote environments including offshore platforms and vessels, electrical substations, reservoirs and sewage treatment plants. 

A flexible approach to resource management will be an important factor as access to and from sites can be affected by variables such as weather and transport availability. Lucion is fully prepared for this challenge as we have the largest qualified and competent resource of asbestos surveyors and analysts of any asbestos consultancy in the UK, with over 300 staff directly employed and dedicated to delivering asbestos management services.

In addition to having the capacity and resources to be responsive and flexible to such variables, we have significant experience in working in marine environments and managing hazardous material survey programmes across the world, including in Canada, Europe and Asia, with sea and air travel being a regular requirement for many projects we have completed.


We meet the specialist training and competency requirements

Many of our asbestos surveyors hold specialist training for working in off-shore environments; for example, the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET), which covers the HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) module and CA-EBS (Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System). As the Northern Lighthouse Board have sites that cannot be accessed by road or boat, we can utilise these surveyors where access to sites is via helicopter. 


We are fully equipped for working in remote and isolated locations

  • Vehicles - Each Surveyor and Analyst is assigned their own vehicle with a fold-down workstation and contains a dual-battery system for use of internal lighting and powering equipment remotely. This means we are not dependent on external power sources and can therefore carry out analysis of air samples from within the vehicle.

  • Equipment - Each of our Surveyors and Analysts have their own inventory of equipment to carry out their roles (eg. ladders, hand tools, coveralls, air pumps and microscopes). This eliminates the requirement to attend an office prior to site attendance, greatly reducing travel time and cost, and also guarantees our operatives are fully equipped at all times for their role.

  • Adaptable management software - We can use our custom-built management system, NexGen, for real-time data entry and seamless sharing of information. In the event of no internet access at the site locations, data can be synced onto our NexGen mobile apps prior to attendance then viewed and edited offline while on site. The project information and asbestos data can then be updated upon reaching internet signal and syncing the app.


Why you should choose Lucion

We are the UK’s leading and largest specialist asbestos consultancy and have provided trusted asbestos risk management services to clients in all UK sectors for over 19 years. Working in all major UK sectors and industries, we provide impartial and trusted asbestos inspection, testing, management and advisory services to assist our clients in maintaining compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012. 


Contact Us

Should you wish to contact one of our team to discuss any of our asbestos management services please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask to speak with one of our commercial team:

0345 504 0303


Tool Box Talk: Asbestos Awareness

As part of Lucion’s Take Care Be Aware initiative, we actively take care of our health and safety responsibilities, with continuous awareness of our commitments to knowledge share and educate.

In doing so we have created a ‘toolbox talk’ on asbestos awareness to raise awareness of the hazards associated with asbestos-containing materials, enabling safety professionals to share knowledge and overall save the time and effort in producing them for you and your teams.

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Risk Assessment Checklist

Make sure your Risk Assessment covers all the bases with this quick 6 step Risk Assessment checklist.

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Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template

Risk Assessments are part of the risk management process and are included in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. A Risk Assessment is a process of identifying what hazards currently exist or may appear in the workplace. Utilise our Risk Assessment PDF example and template to help conduct your own Risk Assessment.

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