Asbestos Expert Witness

We are the UK’s market leading, independent, ISO 17205 UKAS accredited asbestos testing, inspection and consultancy service provider. Our team of experienced, qualified Asbestos Consultants regularly provide Asbestos Expert Witness services covering a number of sectors and circumstances.

What Should You Do If You Discover Asbestos?

Does your team know what to do in the event that they find asbestos? Use our simple asbestos discovery flowchart to inform your teams about what to do when suspected asbestos is discovered.

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What is an Asbestos Expert Witness?

The role of the Asbestos Expert Witness is to provide technical analysis and opinion relating to asbestos exposure accidents and incidents which assist the courts in reaching a comprehensive and informed decision. The expert opinion evidence put forward by our Asbestos Consultant is based on evidence of fact.

It is crucial to select an Asbestos Expert Witness that is both experienced, competent and qualified in their respective field ensuring the evidence given is delivered based on sound knowledge, credible, and delivered with clarity.

Why is an Asbestos Expert Witness required?

An Asbestos Experience Witness may be required when expert evidence is called for in a court of law, a tribunal or arbitration. When in court, the Asbestos Expert Witness methodically presents opinion evidence based on evidence of fact. The subsequent report, which our Asbestos Consultant also prepares, is written within a specified timescale in compliance with specific legal guidelines

What do Asbestos Expert Witness services from Lucion include?

Our experienced Asbestos Consultants provide:

  • Investigation of the facts and analysis of situation
  • Statement of asbestos compliance
  • Statement of conflicts
  • Assessment of awareness of the asbestos risks and materials
  • Interpretation of facts and resulting outcome

Ensuring you have expert advice from credible, trusted Asbestos Consultants can be critical to the outcome of the court decision.


Our specialist asbestos management consultants have a track record of helping our clients successfully manage their asbestos risks in multiple sectors. Learn more about the people we have worked with through our wealth of case studies.

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