Contaminated Land Project Management and Consultancy

Through our UKAS accredited laboratory, our team of specialist Contaminated Land Consultants can help manage your Contaminated Land Project providing critical support and advice to ensure your project is both successful and compliant. 

Method Statement Template

A method statement is a description of how the work will be carried out safely, in a logical sequence exactly how a job is to be carried out in a safe manner and without risks to health. Use of Method Statement template to help write your method statement.

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Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template

Risk Assessments are part of the risk management process and are included in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. A Risk Assessment is a process of identifying what hazards currently exist or may appear in the workplace. Utilise our Risk Assessment PDF example and template to help conduct your own Risk Assessment.

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Toolbox Talk: Construction Dust

Ensure your teams know the dangers of construction dust and what control measures and protection are required to manage the risks with this quick Toolbox Talk.

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What is contaminated land?

Hazardous materials can find its way into made ground and soils in many different circumstances. The nature of the business that may have previously occupied a site and previously ineffective remediation of areas that may have been suspected as being contaminated.

Within the UK there is a considerable legacy of contaminated land predominantly caused by previous industrial and commercial use.

Why is contaminated land a risk?

Where land has been affected by contamination, it can present a risk to humans, ecosystems, water quality, as well as properties etc. This can have adverse affects on both current and future uses of the land.

Such potential risks, and uncertainty regarding risks, may affect the need for remediation of a site prior to development or redevelopment.

It is not uncommon for asbestos contamination to be discovered late in these projects, causing at least project delays, and in some cases extremely expensive and time consuming remediation requirements which were not planned for.

Our contaminated land services include:

Our Contaminated Land Consultants offer a range of services working in partnership with a dedicated surveying and investigation team. These are tailored to provide a solution that will help deal with the most complex scenarios in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our range of services include:

  • Asbestos in soils and contaminated land assessments
  • Environmental site audits
  • Site investigation specifications
  • Factual or interpretative reporting
  • Remediation management
  • Exposure Assessments

In the initial planning stages, Laboratory Analysis of the land should be undertaken in order to assess the level of risk, and implement a safe system of work. This can be followed by assessment of all staff and contractors to ensure their safety, and your legal protection.

What are my responsibilities?

Under the Land Contamination: Risk Management guidance, it is a legal requirement that the ‘responsible person’ i.e. the land owner or person responsible for causing the contamination takes steps to either manage the contamination or remediate to prevent further risk to life and the environment.

Working alongside our team of Specialist Surveyors and Excavators we are able to ensure a best practice approach, from the initial site review and desktop study, through to intrusive site investigation and site remediation.

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