Highways Ground Investigation Surveys

Our team of Geo-Environmental Engineers and Environmental Consultants provide a variety of ground investigation surveys to facilitate the continuity of your project.

What are Highways Ground Investigation Surveys?

Whether you are developing your highways project on an existing highways site or starting from scratch, it is important to identify and assess the integrity of your soils prior to commencing works.

Ground investigation surveys, specifically for highways, are surveys that involve the assessment of the subsurface ground that provides essential  geotechnical data about the condition of your ground.

The scope of your survey will be site specific and will take into context the use of the ground, existing information, dependent upon quality, the complexity of the project and what stage the project is at. The survey will feature a staged approach starting with detailed desktop studies and site reconnaissance followed by preliminary ground investigations (along with examination of any existing excavations on site) to determine any requirement for further in depth surveys. Additional stages may include a full ground investigation survey where the geological structure of the ground may be further assessed. 

A full ground investigation will involve boring and coring. The extent of boreholes and excavations will be determined between our team and your design team prior to starting works.

What Highways Ground Investigation Surveys can Lucion provide?

Operating for over 10 years, our team of experienced groundworkers have vast experiences working in the industrial sector for multiple clients nationwide. 

Our team assesses soils for both hazardous materials as well as conditions.

  • DCP Testing
  • Duct proofing
  • Trial Pitting/ Excavations 
  • Coring 
  • Tarmac and Concrete Logging

Our team of ground engineers and geo-environmental consultants undertake highways support and ground survey works across the UK’s infrastructure network, including substantial investigation work which is delivered to the highest UK professional standards. Our surveying and support services  are designed to meet your specific project requirements and encompass safety inspections, ground condition and integrity surveys, service inspections and regulatory inspections work.

As part of our Highways support services, we undertake on-site risk assessments, taking into account unique circumstances, before categorising defect response times in accordance with your specific requirements. We manage motorway sites where we can deliver an expansive suite of land contamination services as a package of support services that encompasses  asbestos testing, soil contamination investigations and analysis.

All surveys are carried out by qualified inspectors using our innovative mobile application for data collection and our analytical documentation is subject to stringent quality assurance processes.

What are my responsibilities?

Duty holders (who could be the project manager, employer, or land owner) are required to comply with multiple regulations when conducting works during highway development. From hazardous material identification through to ground preparation, it is essential that you mitigate the risks to people and the environment by implementing effective control measures and deve;loping a comprehensive project plan prior to commencement of works.

Managing large scale highway projects and brownfield sites with lots of team members on site, discovering your grounds have faults or lack stability can be costly to your project. Our Geo-Environmental engineers and consultants provide you with support services efficiently and cost effectively so that you can get your project back on track.

With vast experience of ground works and investigation across the UK, we can help make your project compliant and successful. We follow strict controls, conduct thorough assessments at any point during your project, conduct comprehensive surveys and analysis and give you the knowledge to be able to implement safe systems of work that will ultimately protect you, your organisation and your people.

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