Legionella & Microbiological Sampling

Lucion Services are LCA members and are certified to deliver a range of Legionella services in line with ACOP L8, HSG 274, BS 8580, and HTM 04-01.

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Legionella Sampling

Legionella Sampling provides a more accurate insight to whether there is bacteria within the water systems at hand. Our legionella and hazardous materials team advise our clients on whether samples should be collected and provide further knowledge explaining the reasons for the requirement of sampling. 

Certain circumstances where sampling may be needed include;

  • Building with high-risk patients (hospitals with augmented care units)
  • Findings of the legionella risk assessment suggest the requirement for sampling.
  • Non-conformances during routine monitoring that are not being dealt with
  • Water systems with a suspected or confirmed outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease

These are just a few reasons why sampling may be necessary. Our team are trained and competent to carry out legionella sampling in accordance with the Approved Code Of Practice L8 (2013), Health and Safety Guidance 274 Part 1 - 3 (2013/14)  and British Standard 8580-1:2019. Water Quality - Risk Assessments For Legionella Control (click for overview document). Where sampling is carried out within Healthcare premises, we complete our work in accordance with Health Technical Memorandum 04-01.

In accordance with  BS 7592:2022 - Sampling for legionella bacteria in water systems, trained and competent our Legionella Consultants will be able to discuss a sampling plan for the client and discuss in further detail the need for pre flush and post flush sampling. To briefly describe, pre flush sampling can give an indication of a localised issue with the water system whereas post flush sampling can determine a systematic issue with the water system.

Collection of Legionella Samples

Samples are collected in sample bottles containing sodium thiosulphate that neutralises any free chlorine in the system to provide a more accurate reading. All samples collected by our Legionella Surveyors will contain as much detail as possible such as location, temperature, time, pre or post flush and if it is a repeat sample. This information is very useful when interpreting the results from the laboratory.

Transportation and Analysis

We ensure all samples are escorted to a UKAS accredited laboratory in the right conditions, legionella samples should be stored at ambient temperature more specifically between 6°C- 20°C and aim to be at the laboratory for analysis within 48 hours in accordance with BS 7592. After the 10 day analysis period, once the results have been received, our team will interpret these at the clients request, for readings above 100cfu (colony forming unit) action is to be taken and this is where our legionella consultants expertise will apply.

Microbiological Sampling

In addition to legionella sampling, we provide microbiological sampling services such as pseudomonas, TVC (total viable count) at 22°C and 37°C, E.coli and coliforms. In accordance with the Water Supply (Water Quality) regulations 2016, E.coli and  coliforms should have no detection as this deems the water not drinkable and further action will be required. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact our team.

LCA Registered

Our team of legionella consultants can help you through the process of managing your water systems by conducting legionella risk assessments. As part of the well established LCA. Being members of the LCA ensures our work is of the highest of standards, with annual audits from the LCA also keeps us at highest of standards.

Visit the LCA directory for more information.

All our data is collected and a report is generated from our cloud based compliance system NexGen, provided freely with our services. 

Our proprietary risk management software, NexGen, delivers Legionella Sampling reports. As a company dedicated to protecting people and the planet, Developing legionella sampling reporting abilities within our software removes the added risk of utilising subcontracted equipment on our client sites and allows our clients to manage multiple hazardous materials risks on one platform.

Make legionella sampling a breeze by getting in touch with our team today.


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