Accident and Incident Investigation

Our team of NEBOSH qualified Health, Safety, and Risk Management Consultants have a vast amount of experience in providing comprehensive assessment of accidents and incidents occurring in the workplace for numerous clients throughout the UK.

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CDM Designers Risk Register Template

A CDM Designers Risk Register is a management tool used to identify and remove or manage hazards and risks associated with your project. The Designers Risk register is a single go-to document where all significant risks can be identified, collated, monitored and ultimately reduced as part of the design process. The register can also act as a method for auditing at the end of the design process. Download our useful template to help manager your risks during your project design process.

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Risk Assessment FAQs

Conducting your health and safety risk assessment can be a daunting task. Before you get started, read our clients' top risk assessment FAQs.

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What is an Accident and/or Incident Investigation?

HSE statistics show that each year, over a million workers are injured or made ill by their work across England, Wales and Scotland. Accidents and incidents are preventable events. Where they occur, utilising the opportunity to investigate the event is a key component of injury prevention and reduction in the future. 

In the event of a serious accident or incident, our team provides an immediate response service.  With professionalism and confidentiality, we conduct an investigation identifying the causes and the preparation of an action plan.

What are the benefits of using a Lucion Consultant to investigate Accidents/Incidents?

We have a number of specialist investigators within our team of industry professionals, experienced in carrying out detailed forensic reviews of incidents for various sector clients, nationally. Our teams are tasked  to get to the root cause of the accident/incident and identify suitable controls to prevent a similar situation occurring again.

As part of our extended Expert Witness services, our team also works alongside specialist law firms offering a service for coverage post incident with all legal matters.

The cumulative effect of our investigation and access to legal services provides you with the certainty that, should something go wrong, you have the help, support and assistance you need. This will enable you to do everything necessary to mitigate the impact on you, your company and your workforce (or your customers) in the event of an incident, ensuring it doesn’t happen again.

Our Experience

Whilst our team has a vast pool of knowledge and experience with clients across different sectors, our biggest benefit comes from our in-house accident and incident investigation practices.

Our accident and investigation procedures are controlled within our OHSAS 18001 accredited management system under standard operating procedure, the Procedure for the Control of Complaints & Non-Conforming Work and standard operating procedure Procedure for Emergency Response. The procedures are based on conducting independent and competent investigations into each accident/incident to identify the root cause-and-effect relationship of the incident. The procedures are reviewed on at least an annual basis by our Assurance Director as part of a full management system review or when legislation or guidance is updated. 

All employees are encouraged to report potential issues to prevent accidents occurring, or if unforeseeable, report incidents as quickly as possible to provide the greatest chance of investigations being carried out effectively with preventative measures actioned appropriately. It is through this process that we realise continuous improvement and make employees safer while at work.

Our in-house health and safety practices have enabled us to repeatedly win RoSPA Gold awards for both Health and Safety and Managing Occupational Road Risks. 

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