Lucion Group Wins Double RoSPA Gold

6 July 2022

We are proud to announce that the prestigious UK membership organisation, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has awarded the Lucion Group Gold for group-wide health and safety performance and our management of occupational road risk

Operating for over 100 years, RoSPA plays a fundamental role in UK health and safety. In both personal and occupational life, RoSPA campaigns for the implementation of best safety practices, encouraging continuous change and development in current safety management systems. 

Providing a multitude of support, resources and training to individuals and organisations, RoSPA offers reassurance to clients that suppliers who hold RoSPA awards have evidenced effective health and safety practices throughout their business.


RoSPA Health & Safety Awards

The HSE recorded 142 workplace fatalities in 2020/21 and a further 1.7 million workplace-related injuries. Failures in health and safety can cause massive disruptions and costs to business and immeasurable costs to the individual’s quality of life. That is why RoSPA introduced the annual RoSPA Health and Safety awards to recognise good health and safety performance.

Established in 1956, the RoSPA Health and Safety awards offer organisations the opportunity to demonstrate continued commitment to not only sustaining but developing their health and safety practices. 

The Lucion Group and its subsidiary companies can proudly announce that we have been re-awarded our two Gold prestigious, internationally recognised, awards from RoSPA for our outstanding health and safety practices. This year marks a significant year for us as a business. We introduced the new structure of our organisation and launched the Lucion Group brand in January 2022 after a hugely successful 12 months in 2021 where we integrated two businesses into the group. The latest RoSPA award win as the Lucion Group acknowledges our group-wide integration efforts and should be seen as external verification that our group, with our acquisitive companies, truly are stronger and better together.   

Lucion Group’s Chief Technical Officer Ross Boulton commented on the achievement:

“The RoSPA award schemes provide invaluable bench-marking of our health and safety management systems. To achieve gold standards, we've learnt that our approach to health and safety has to be far more than simple corporate policies and well-meaning intentions. We've had to be innovative in our approach and lead a culture of continuous improvement. 

Our overall QHSE programme is focused on raising awareness, understanding and participation of individuals. Therefore, I'd like these awards to be seen as a testament to the work our employees are doing on a daily basis to keep our workplaces, and those of our customers, safe and healthy.”


Gold Health And Safety Award

Due to the continued development of our internal engagement and communication strategy, we have seen continued year-on-year decreases in the number of accidents/incidents throughout the company. 

Developing our communication methods and investing in effective engagement with our team members has altered our health and safety culture within the organisation. We are proud to say that we are a team lead organisation whereby improvements and development in our health and safety policies, procedures and practices are heavily influenced by our team member’s TCBA observation submissions. 

The development of our health and safety practices and investment into improving our engagement with team members has been fundamental to upholding our RoSPA Gold Health and Safety award.

Find out more about positive health and safety culture and why it is imperative to your Safety Management Systems.


Gold Fleet Safety Award

The RoSPA Fleet Safety Awards reward organisations on their continued development and improvement of how they manage their occupational road risks. We are proud to say that we have once again achieved RoSPA Gold for the fifth year in a row for our efforts in managing our organisation’s fleet safety.

As part of our initiatives to operate a safe and environmentally conscious fleet, we introduced Lightfoot. Developed in partnership with the Institute of Advanced Motorists and leading driver-behaviour experts at the University of Bath, the technology comes in the form of a pocket-sized dashboard display device (known as the ‘fitbit’ for cars) which connects to the vehicle’s computer and uses live engine data to provide our drivers with real-time visual and audible feedback.

Using advanced, real-time engine analytics which takes account of different factors such as load and road gradient; Lightfoot provides live, in-cab coaching, helping drivers improve both efficiency and safety, and rewarding them for being better. 

This guides drivers to the ‘sweet spot of the engine’, improving both engine performance and safety on the roads. The audible end-of-journey score from the device also enables drivers to strive towards achieving Lightfoot’s Elite Driver status score of 85 or more, which unlocks access to weekly prize draws.

Lucion’s Technical Director Chris Parr commented:

"By educating and giving our drivers the 'heads-up' through the Lightfoot in-cab system and app our drivers can take control of their driving style and identify where they can improve, this benefit is two-fold with improved awareness and more considered, considerate driving plus improved efficiency"


What is involved in RoSPA submissions?

RoSPA submissions require a lot of time dedication and out-of-the-box thinking. They should not be underestimated or mistaken as a simple audit conducted by an external company. RoSPA submissions are extensively detailed submissions detailing how an organisation continually improves its health and safety standards and procedures year on year.

Our team at Lucion encourages all organisations to champion their health and safety practices and champion the individuals within their organisation to help continuously improve their health and safety practices. We believe in knowledge sharing to ensure organisations from a wide range of industries look to protect both their own teams and other contractors on-site as well as other stakeholders. With this in mind, we thought we would give you an insight into what it takes to achieve and maintain our Gold standard (beyond the very late nights and countless hours of writing).

RoSPA submissions involve responding to various questions relating to how, as an organisation, we manage:

  • Safety Leadership
  • Workforce Engagement
  • Active Monitoring
  • Accident Investigation
  • Performance Reviews across the Group
  • Rigorous auditing process to ensure compliance with external and internal health and safety guidance, regulations, and policies

Working closely with the Chief Technical Officer Ross Boulton, the Technical Team and our bids writers, we collate information and use our best examples of health and safety management, practices and innovation that we have implemented during the past year. 

As well as covering our assurance metrics data, internal training and auditing practices, we also include our homegrown innovative health and safety initiative, Take Care Be Aware (TCBA).


What is Take Care, Be Aware!

As an acquisitive company, we have significantly grown during the past 12 months, acquiring three new companies since April 2021. As we continue on our growth journey and expand our community team members, we established and continue to develop our internal health and safety initiative, Take Care, Be Aware (TCBA).

Each year, team members from each of our regional offices (both national and international) vote for a health and safety expert who acts as a representative and contact for colleagues internally. The team works together to continue to promote high standards of health and safety across the company.

Our TCBA initiative works on a two-way feedback system. All team members are encouraged to submit observations, suggestions for improvements, near misses and accidents that are reviewed and educate the development of our health and safety practices.

Adrian Dack, Systems Manager at Lucion Services, explained:

“We have a strengthened internal health and safety team which brings together the expertise of some of our most experienced and trusted team members. The team will be local representatives for their colleagues in each office, and they will tackle any internal health and safety concerns, ensuring a safe working environment for all of our employees.”


What it takes to achieve Gold

RoSPA submissions take a collective effort from multiple stakeholders and around 3-4 weeks to complete including; drafting responses, revisions and collating all the evidence.

Achieving Gold is imperative for our organisation as it demonstrates to both current and potential clients and the industry, that our approach to managing safety, health and wellbeing is continually improving and that we are a supplier of trusted sustainable risk management services.

Beth Wynne, Lucion Services Bid Team Leader, commented:

“RoSPA is a great thing to be involved in as we highlight our innovative and progressive safety practices within the Lucion group. By working collaboratively with Ross Boulton (Lucion Group Chief Technical Officer), Lucy Armstrong (Lucion Group Communications Director), Chris Parr (Lucion Services Technical Director) and Kelvin Hughes (Delta-Simons Technical Director we find areas that we can improve on going forward, helping with policy and procedure development and ultimately improving safeguarding for our Teams and clients.”


About the Lucion Group

Lucion Group is a purpose-driven company where we protect people from hazardous environments and protect the environment from the impacts of people.

As a private equity-backed business, we are sustainable, interesting and continue to grow and push forward to secure our future as a business not only for our investors, but for our community of people. 

We started our business as a hazardous materials inspection, testing and consultancy on a mission to protect people from hazardous environments. As we grew the business, we naturally expanded, organically and through acquisition. This led to opportunities to also protect the environment from the impacts of people. We are now a group of companies on a mission to protect people and planet. 

Our culture has not been manufactured or created for the purposes of the business, but instead, it formed naturally through the interactions of our people and developed from our operations. Through our scientific testing activities as our founding service lines, we have always had to operate with integrity, accuracy and ultimately be trusted to deliver our services. This integrity and all our values are reflected in our operations across the business.

As a group, we will continue to grow. Our 2022/2027 5-year vision outlines our continual direction towards protecting people and planet. This includes continuing to find new and innovative ways to invest in our health and safety practices. 

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Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template

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Health and Safety Policy Template

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Method Statement Template

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