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As a team of experienced, qualified Health and Safety Consultants, our team regularly provides Expert Witness services across a number of different specialist fields, focusing on hazardous substances and health and safety.

CDM 2015 Regulations Briefly Explained

Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM 2015) took effect from 6th April 2015. These changes will impact the way safety management is managed within the construction industry.

Lucion Consulting and our team of safety professionals are here to support you through the transition every step of the way. CDM 2015 in a nutshell…

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Health and Safety Policy Template

Get organised and allocate responsibilities to certain team members using this easy to use Health and Safety Policy template provided by our health and safety consultants at Lucion Consulting.

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Why The UK Needs Tighter Asbestos Controls

The white paper has been designed to provide important information to those who work in schools, in particular those who are responsible for the maintenance of the property and teachers. Our white paper outlines why the UK ought to adopt measures in force in other European nations, who already share the same overriding EU legislation Directive 2009/148/EC on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to asbestos.

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What is an Expert Witness?

The role of the expert witness is to provide technical analysis and opinion which will assist the court in reaching its decision. The opinion evidence put forward by the expert witness is based on evidence of fact.

Selecting an Expert Witness that is both experienced, competent and qualified in their respective field is crucial to ensuring the evidence given is delivered based on sound knowledge, credible, and delivered with clarity.

Why is an Expert Witness required?

When expert evidence is called for in a court of law, a tribunal or arbitration, it’s time to call in the Expert Witness.

When there is no intention to place an expert’s opinion before a court, a tribunal or arbitration that person is referred to as an expert advisor and may take on a number of behind-the-scenes roles.

When in court, the expert witness methodically presents opinion evidence based on evidence of fact. The subsequent report, which the expert witness also prepares, is written within a specified timescale in compliance with specific legal guidelines.

What do Expert Witness services from Lucion include?

Our experienced Senior Health, Safety and Hazardous Substance Consultants provide:

  • Investigation of the facts and analysis of situation
  • Statement of compliance
  • Statement of conflicts
  • Assessment of awareness
  • Interpretation of facts and resulting outcome

What fields can a Lucion be an Expert Witness?

As Lucion Services, our consultants focus on areas such as:

  • Asbestos Exposure
  • Hazardous Substances/Materials Exposure
  • Breaches in Health and Safety

A court of law is a place where a fact is not a fact until it is proved or in certain cases, disproved by incontrovertible evidence. Here, the role of the expert witness becomes paramount. Often, the evidence put forward in a trial by an expert witness can be a deciding factor in tipping the balance in favour of a well-informed, reliable and well-considered judgment.

Ensuring you have expert advice from credible, trusted consultants can be critical to the outcome.


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