Hazardous Materials Risk Assessments

Our team of BOHS certified Hazardous Materials Consultants are trusted by leading marine industry bodies to conduct hazardous material risk management including conducting hazardous material risk assessments as part of a wider risk assessment requirement under ISM code.

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What is a Hazardous Materials Risk Assessment?

Unlike a generic health and safety risk assessment, a hazardous materials risk assessment in the maritime industry specifically identifies and assesses the potential hazardous substances that could cause harm to people within the workplace, members of the public and the surrounding marine environment. The information from your hazardous materials risk assessment can be incorporated into your full risk assessment.

Using the information from your Inventory of Hazardous Materials Survey, your Hazardous Materials Risk Assessment should follow these following steps:

  1. Identify the hazardous substances and potential exposures and who might be harmed and how (your employees, members of the public/visitors, or the environment)
  2. Assess the risks and decide on precautions (using qualitative or quantitative measures to identify the level of risk and the likelihood that someone will be harmed by the risk)
  3. Record your significant findings and implement control measures appropriately

Your hazardous materials and health and safety risk assessment should form the foundation of your safety management system and follow the ISM’s recommended procedure of:

  1. Implement - hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk reduction
  2. Measure - the risks and residual hazards
  3. Review of safety management system whenever changes to the situation or workplace environment occur and update the recorded risk levels where required
  4. Policy - assess documentation and policy for suitability and compliance
  5. Organise 

Why do I need a Hazardous Materials Risk Assessment?

There are many benefits to conducting a comprehensive Hazardous Materials Risk Assessment. For the company, business or ship owner (or other responsible persons), a Hazardous Materials Risk Assessment brings a financial benefit.

Conducting a risk assessment identifies the hazardous risks and allows for effective safety management systems and/or remediation to occur, reducing the risk to individuals. This reduction in risk promotes a reduction in the number of accidents/incidents, resulting in fewer work days lost and resisting liability implications.

Additionally it is a regulatory requirement to conduct a thorough, fit-for-purpose risk assessment (inclusive of hazardous materials)  and therefore a legal obligation under the maritime International Safety Management code. Amended in 2010, the ISM code includes risk assessments explicitly under the following statement:

“Safety management objectives of the company should …. assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards”. 

What hazards should my risk assessment identify?

Your risk assessment should assess both shipboard hazardous substances and hazardous substances on board your vessel or offshore platform including:

  • Asbestos
  • Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs)
  • Tributyltin Compounds (TBTs)
  • Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS)

Why should I use Lucion to conduct Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment?

Lucion operates with an independent, ISO 17205 UKAS accredited hazardous substances testing, inspection and consultancy service provider. Our team of maritime industry Hazardous Material Consultants deliver trusted hazardous substances services including:

As an established international Hazardous Materials testing, inspection, and consultancy provider, our team of specialist shipboard hazardous material experts are trusted to deliver our services to multiple clients throughout the world.

What are my responsibilities?

If you are a company or responsible persons, it is a legal requirement under the International Maritime Organisation that a comprehensive risk assessment is conducted aboard all vessels in accordance with the ISM code of practice.

Our team provides hazardous materials services on vessels, offshore platforms and onshore ship recycling facilities around the world.

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