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NexGen | Animated Explainer
What is Lucion NexGen?

Lucion NexGen is our asbestos compliance management software, built on the web, for the web, provided freely when you use any of Lucion's services. 


Unlike more database driven compliance systems, Lucion NexGen is hosted online. You can track your risks from cradle to grave, access timestamped data and reports anywhere, anytime, with data updated in real-time.

Why Lucion NexGen?

Developed in-house, Lucion NexGen software developers are easy for you to reach, ask questions, make suggestions, and report issues with ease.


No more raising tickets. No more waiting for responses. No third party 'one size fits all' thinking.


Lucion NexGen is designed to help you to effectively manage your risks, protect your teams and achieve compliance with the click of a button. It's that simple.

Export Data
You're not locked in! Data can be exported in many different formats including bespoke formats
Real Time Data
Access past and present reports, data and photographs linked directly to your timeline at the click of a button
Ensure Compliance
Track your ongoing hazards and implement safety measure to meet your compliance requirements
Data Representation
Data stored by address or UPRN with GPS mapping and Google search
Installation Options
As a cloud based portal with secure log-in accessible anywhere, you don't need to buy or download NexGen software
NexGen as a system is a major advantage over other risk management consultancies - it’s usability and design are superb.