Safety Management Systems

As a team of award-winning providers of health and safety management services, our team of NEBOSH qualified Consultants can help you to implement an effective Safety Management System helping you to mitigate the risks to your teams and contractors on your site.

Health and Safety Policy Template

Get organised and allocate responsibilities to certain team members using this easy to use Health and Safety Policy template provided by our health and safety consultants at Lucion Consulting.

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What is a Safety Management System?

A Safety Management System (SMS) provides a systematic approach to managing safety on site, implementing policies and procedures and improving staff behaviour and attitudes.

The implementation of a positive safety management system has huge benefits for businesses beyond the obvious legal implications of not having a SMS at all. Lower accident related costs, reduction in downtime and improved health and safety culture are just some of the benefits customers can expect once an effective SMS is implemented and team members are correctly onboarded.

Why should you use an external Consultant to help implement my Safety Management System?

Implementing your Safety Management System and reviewing its effectiveness on site can be a time consuming process for you and other duty holders, especially if the safety procedures and assessments aren’t fit for purpose from the start. Implementing a positive Safety Management System is an even bigger task.

What is a positive Safety Management System?

You can conduct risk assessments, implement control measures and update your documentation, but without a positive health and safety culture, there is no guarantee that your teams are going to adhere to your Safety Management System all the time. 

A positive health and safety culture and good occupational health and safety practices not only benefit your employees, but it will also benefit your organisation and other organisations and contractors you work with or alongside.

To ensure your team and contractors are protected from potential risks and get it right the first time, procuring an external Health and Safety Consultant can save you both time, money, and protecting you and your team from the risks of poor health and safety practices. By building the correct health and safe systems of work (SSOW), ensuring your documentation is correct, and implementing effective control measures, accidents, as well as helping you to implement a positive health and safety culture within your organisation, unnecessary risks can be avoided. 

What are my responsibilities?

Under the Health and Safety at Work act 1974, regulation 3, it is a requirement that the duty holder takes proactive steps to control the risks in the workplace. Working with clients to undertake a Site Safety Audit, we can then identify goals, develop policies, plans, programmes and procedures then finally implement through instruction, training, feedback and monitoring.

All documentation produced allows for easy organisation and allows all elements of the SMS to be accessed more readily and communicated in a user friendly manner, resulting in the education and compliance of your entire workforce.

Our knowledge of the issues surrounding risk management and legal compliance gives our clients complete reassurance throughout their project, with real time visibility of all hazards and risks. Through our team, when our clients partner with us, they have our expertise and environmental management capabilities available locally throughout the length of every project.

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