Ground Investigation Surveys

Our team of specialist ground investigation surveyors and analysts are trained to assess the integrity and condition of your ground helping your construction team to amend project specifications and designs, navigating potential issues prior to construction works. 

What Should You Do If You Discover Asbestos?

Does your team know what to do in the event that they find asbestos? Use our simple asbestos discovery flowchart to inform your teams about what to do when suspected asbestos is discovered.

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Toolbox Talk: Construction Dust

Ensure your teams know the dangers of construction dust and what control measures and protection are required to manage the risks with this quick Toolbox Talk.

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Toolbox Talk: Buried Utilities

Toolbox talks can be carried out in a variety of ways but are typically a brief (2-5 minute) interactive discussion meeting on a safety-related topic. Toolbox Topics are used to cover a variety of short safety training subjects and to remind employees each day before they go to work, the importance of being safe. In this Toolbox Talk, we focus on buried utilities and the precautions taken to ensure worker safety.

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What are ground investigation surveys?

Ground investigation survey services are a range of intrusive activities designed to determine the quality and density of your site’s ground. Unlike site investigations where general information is gathered about your sites historic use and top level surveys,  intrusive geotechnical ground investigation surveys dig deep into the detail, sampling and analysing your soils properties for contamination, underground faults, water ways, and voids, ground thickness, and durability. Your ground investigation is a fundamental part of your Phase 2 Site Investigation report.

Ground investigation works should be conducted during your projects planning stages to ensure potential issues and risks that may affect your project timeline are accounted for. 

Why do I need ground investigation survey services?

Conducting ground investigations and surveys at your domestic or commercial property is essential to ensuring your project runs smoothly and safely. Using information from your site survey and through our geotechnical surveys, we can help you accurately plan for your project, negating projects delays, rising costs, and potentially unforeseen risks.

Determining the classification, strength and durability, as well as surveying for hazardous material contamination of your ground before commencing works is essential to ensuring your project is both safe and sustainable.

Our ground investigation services include:

  • Ground investigation surveys
  • Dynamic Core Penetration (DCP)
  • Manual and/or mechanical trial pit excavation
  • Soil chemical testing
  • Accredited hazardous material soil sampling and analysing
  • Category B non-licensed removals
  • Hazardous material remediation
  • Hazardous waste removal consultation

What do the ground investigation regulations say?

Based on previous guidance published by the Environmental Agency (EA), Model procedures for the management of land contamination - contaminated land report (CLR11), guidance for managing land contamination Land Contamination: Risk Management (LCRM) simplifies the process of managing the risks of contaminated lands. 

The guidance helps landowners, property owners, employers on “how to assess if there's unacceptable risk, decide which options are the most suitable to manage the risk and implement remediation if needed”. The guidance expects that ‘appropriate persons’ must implement controls measures to assess, identify, and manage the risks of pollution, rectify any contaminations, and seek specialist advice where appropriate. 

When should I have a ground investigation survey?

Prior to undertaking any excavation or ground preparation works for your project, a Ground Investigation must be carried out to ensure you have implemented the correct control measures that reduces environmental impact and risk to life to a practicable level.

Our teams are highly experienced in working on complex sites including projects where underground services need to be taken into consideration. Additionally, we have been actively involved in the support and development of the CIRIA App, used by grounds teams when dealing with suspected asbestos contamination in soils and what steps they need to make to manage the risk of exposure to both individuals and the surrounding environment.

Through our UKAS accredited laboratory, our team of specialist ground hazardous materials investigation surveyors and analysts are certified to assess your made ground and soils for various hazardous material contaminations, the quality and integrity of your soils, and provide environmental consultancy for managing your contaminated land remediation process.

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