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18 August 2019

At Lucion, we have always focused on growth, improvement, and expansion. In addition to a positive, linear organic growth, naturally, this has led us to acquisition.


We have acquired four companies before today and welcomed over 200 staff into our team through this process. This has brought together with skill sets, best practice ideas, and innovations; helping us all go from strength to strength.

Following their investment into Lucion in May 2019, Palatine PE, (a mid-market regional private equity firm) allows our business to continue to grow sustainably, providing security for both the organisation and our team members. Through their investment, Palatine PE have supported Lucion in the acquisition of ASKAMS Compliance Services, a national SME providing a full range of UKAS accredited Asbestos Management Services including Asbestos Surveying, Asbestos Testing, Asbestos Analytical Services and UKATA Asbestos Awareness Training to clients across the UK.

Founded by Managing Director, Stewart McNicholl in 2006 in North East England (similar to Lucion Environmental), ASKAMS has expanded over 12 years to now operate from six UK offices, with 69 asbestos specialist team members servicing clients across all major sectors. 

Stewart was first introduced to asbestos in 1996 working as a bulk analyst, having graduated from Huddersfield University with a BSc in Environmental Analysis. With over 20 years experience in the Asbestos Consultancy and Testing industry, Stewart has led and delivered many complex projects in a multitude of high hazard environments. Having grown ASKAMS to the successful business it is today, Stewart has taken the decision to exit the company as it joins the Lucion Services Group. Stewart said of the deal:

“After 12 years of building ASKAMS into the company it is today, the time has come for me to step back and allow the business to start a new chapter of growth. ASKAMS was built on key foundations, Quality of our Product, Delivery of our Service, Strength of our Relationships and Investment in our Staff. When I first started looking for a buyer, it was extremely important to find the right “Fit”.

"Lucion’s growth to the UK’s market leader and largest asbestos consultancy over the past decade in the UK and overseas has been a credit to their team, and I felt the right company to trust to look after what ASKAMS has become.”

This opportunity will support Lucion in achieving our mission. As a collaborative group of individuals dedicated to protecting people from exposure to hazardous substances, we are on a mission; to make the world a safer place to live.

What this means for our collective clients is business as usual. We will continue to deliver trusted risk management to our clients, in line with our mission, create new opportunities for our team members, provide sustainability and security, and continue to build on our strategic growth plan. For some of our national clients, this also allows us to solidify our service offering, offering better response times and reduced travel time, positively impacting on our environmental targets. 

Chief Finance Officer, Jamie McGivern, looks forward to the future following our collaboration with our new team members: 

“We’re confident that the acquisition of ASKAMS will benefit all stakeholders; internal and external. As the two companies have grown in similar ways in the past, there are a lot of synergies as we bring the two teams together. Myself and the rest of the Leadership Team are looking forward to welcoming our new colleagues into Lucion Services group and bringing our collective skill sets together to offer best practice solutions to our clients.”

Only two months on from the launch of our investment from Palatine, this is a key example of what the future holds for Lucion as we go from strength to strength. Palatine support Lucion as we focus on diversification into niche sectors and specialist laboratory services whilst further bolstering our core competencies and national capabilities. 

The acquisition of ASKAMS Compliance Services aligns perfectly with this focus. ASKAMS teams, resources and clients fit perfectly with our core competencies and national capabilities, whilst bringing in new specialisms through specialist laboratory services they already provide through their nuclear active lab in Warrington. Speaking on the acquisition, Palatine’s Investment Director, James Winterbottom states: 

“ASKAMS, marks the first acquisition since Palatine’s investment in June and I am very pleased that we have been able to provide the support needed in order to take Lucion one step closer to delivering its strategic plan. Lucion has got to where it is today due to the people involved at every level of the business and their determination in doing the best by our clients, colleagues and other stakeholders. I believe the acquisition of ASKAMS will only bolster this position further, given the shared culture and views on which both businesses have been founded. I would like to personally welcome each new member of the team and I hope that your future with Lucion is a successful and happy one.”

We are excited to start the coming-together of our two successful teams, providing a more holistic service provision to our collective clients via our shared culture, as we continue to grow.


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