BV Seal Of Approval: Lucion First In The UK To Achieve Certification

23 November 2018

Lucion achieves new ‘Service Supplier Approval’ from independent and highly accredited body Bureau Veritas, giving further reassurance of quality to marine clients.


With over 15 years as a group of risk management companies, Lucion Services boasts many awards, accreditations and certifications from multiple chartered bodies demonstrating the company’s (and it’s subsidiaries) commitment to operating safely and compliantly for the benefit of both its teams and the client. The latest certification has been awarded by Bureau Veritas assuring clients that the company is approved to conduct visual and/or sampling checks on board ships and the development of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM).


Who Are The Bureau Veritas?

Established almost 200 years ago in 1828, Bureau Veritas is one of the leading international certification agencies and providers of Health, Safety and Environmental expertise. As a certification body, Bureau Veritas is dedicated to building trust between clients and companies and reduce factors or risks by encouraging improved performance and service offerings from suppliers.

Bureau Veritas aims to help companies improve performance in:

  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Protection
  • Social Responsibility

By improving industry standards and actively encouraging companies to strive for better practices through certification and assurance, Bureau Veritas believes that these changes and improvements in operations will ultimately have a positive impact on climate change and the marine environment as well as helping to protect team through safe working practices and mitigating risks. Through onboarding companies and awarding best practices, Bureau Veritas can help clients and suppliers to fulfil their duty and achieve compliance with current regulations.

“With the Globalization of the world economy, standardization and norms have blossomed: Bureau Veritas accompanied its clients in their duty and willingness to be compliant with regulations. More recently, several resounding scandals in various sectors such as food, auto, chemicals, power, and digital, have raised the transparency issues across the world, and therefore created trust issues as well. As an independent party, Bureau Veritas has contributed to build the Trust between governments, companies and people, as they are the foundation of living together as a Society.”

- Didier Michaud-Daniel, Chief Executive Officer, Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas was invited by Lucion Services to assess its subsidiaries facilities and organisational structure and procedures within the scope of Bureau Veritas Marine and Offshore General Conditions.


What Does The Scope Of Approval Include?

The certificate of approval awarded by Bureau Veritas approves Lucion Services subsidiaries to conduct visual and sampling checks and prepare Inventories of Hazardous Materials on board ships. The undersigned Surveyor of the Society, acting for Bureau Veritas, found the facilities to be satisfactory and in compliance with the relevant requirements of the Society Rule Note NR 533 (July 2018).

The Society Rule Notes and Guidance Notes are developed and updated by Bureau Veritas to the benefit of clients, suppliers and the marine industry overall ensuring that the rules and regulations are continuously updated and reviewed.


What Does This Mean For Clients?

As the first UK supplier to receive the Bureau Veritas certification of approval, Marine clients can be assured that the services they procure from Lucion Services and its subsidiaries are compliant with regulations and meet the standards of quality, health and safety, environment and social responsibility.  

Discover more about Lucion Marine services and how we can help you to achieve compliance by clicking here: Lucion Marine Services.


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