18 November 2018

Running for its 9th year, Asbestos The Truth Conference 2018, the largest asbestos management conference in the UK, continues to play an integral part in the asbestos management industry.


Asbestos and safety management industry representatives gathered together in late October 2018 to gain knowledge about the latest developments in asbestos management. From learning about how to better manage contracts and implementing effective risk management strategies to new innovative 3D facilities management software, the conference brought new light and insight into how to effectively manage asbestos in the workplace.


A Step In The Right Direction

The conference, chaired by Dr Patrick Morton CEO of Lucion Services, opened with a keynote speech from James Quinn, Vice President of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) who spoke about the importance of implementing effective safeguards to protect both businesses and workers. Over 200 delegates from health and safety, estates, facilities and construction sectors came together to hear about IOSH’s newest campaign, No Time To Lose, raising awareness of workplace exposures and cancers and helping businesses take action.

Read more about James Quinn’s speech here:

Breakout Sessions

After listening to Quinn’s well-received speech, delegates had the opportunity to attend optional breakout sessions chosen prior to the conference.

Seminars covered a range of topics to give delegates opportunities to learn about different aspects of how to effectively manage asbestos.


Managing Asbestos In Soils

Joe Jackson, Managing Director of Remediation & KES, Keltbray, informed delegates in attendance of the practicalities of applying industry guidance for identifying, treating and re-using asbestos-contaminated soil. For those assessing brownfield land developments or dealing with asbestos impacted soils, Jackson’s breakout session highlighted the need to take a stepped, consistent approach to managing asbestos in soils projects. Using case studies and a practitioner’s point of view, the seminar informed delegates about the key risks and lessons from the industry.

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Is It Time To Throw Your 2D Asbestos Plans In The BIM?

Developments in online, cloud-based risk management software have seen an uplift in the number of companies making the switch from managing their risks on paper or internal computer programmes to using readily available online systems. However, recent developments have seen a further jump in innovative risk management software technology. With some new risk management software systems, clients can now manage their risks using 3D visualisation through BIM technology.

Lucion Consulting Consultant, Matthew Chalmers, delivered to delegates information on new technology that integrates BIM 3D modelling with risk management information from multiple providers, providing a full 3D view of an asset and the potential risks within. Chalmers assessed the benefits of both 2D and 3D plans and informed on how businesses can use these new technologies to safeguards their teams, contractors and their business reputation.

The Full Asbestos Enclosure

Rhodar has participated at the annual Asbestos The Truth conference over a number of years, this year seeing the company provide delegates with the opportunity to literally walk through a full mock-up of the asbestos enclosure. Rhodar’s Regional Development Manager, Chris Cooke, shared with delegates best practices and informed delegates about what they should expect to see during a 4 stage clearance.


Online Health and Safety Systems

With more companies each year making the move from paperless to online health and safety systems, Mike Jamfrey, Managing Director of Healthy Buildings International (HBI), shed light on the benefits and pitfalls of using cloud-based technology during his breakout session. Procuring the right types of systems in a market filled with so many online software options can save Estates and Facilities Managers time, money and lead to tighter controls of risk management. Jamfrey has been instrumental in developing and advising on online compliance systems for the past 15 years and used his vast knowledge and experience with cloud-based systems to inform delegates on what to look for when considering making the move to new online risk management systems.

Discover more about Mike Jamfrey’s breakout session here:

Effectively Managing Your Asbestos Projects

During the afternoon session, a series of keynote speeches were presented to delegates on different aspects of asbestos management covering managing and trusting asbestos paperwork/documentation, using contracts to measure provider’s performance through to providing delegates with an insight of a client’s view of planning and managing asbestos projects.


Trusting Your Asbestos Paperwork/Documentation

Often, duty holders find themselves with historic asbestos management paperwork/documentation. The quality of this paperwork may be unknown and taken at face value until an incident occurs where the paperwork/documentation is brought into question, opening the gates for liability.

Stuart Goodman, Consultant, Lucion Consulting, took to the stage to share knowledge about the need for quality control when managing a portfolio and assesses good and bad practice when interpreting historic paperwork.

Read more about Goodman’s speech here:

Using The Contract To Measure Performance

Contract Consultant Kelvin Hughes from KH Consultants took to the main stage during the afternoon segment of the Asbestos The Truth conference 2018 to discuss the importance of setting out KPIs within the provider’s contract to measure performance. According to Hughes, it’s not just about the price when considering using a new provider or setting up a new contract with an existing provider. Often procuring consultants and contractors to manage asbestos can feel like a daunting task. Hughes gave practical advice on measuring their provider’s performance and considered the risks in appointing poor quality providers.

Discover more about contracts and best practice by reading details about Hughes’ speech here:

Planning And Managing Asbestos Projects: A Client’s View

Keynote speaker, Richard Bennion, Head of Property Risk and Compliance, Royal Mail, delivered a compelling speech on how clients should conduct best practices when planning and managing their asbestos projects.

With hundreds of sites throughout the UK, Bennion discussed the many challenges large and complex sites face when managing national assets. From conducting effective communication to monitoring compliance and driving improvements. Bennion used his experience as a client to inform delegates on how the organisation approaches quality assurance processes and the practical difficulties in planning asbestos projects.

Want more details about Bennion’s speech and how Royal Mail plan and manage their asbestos projects and risks? Discover more here:

Time To Take Action

The 9th annual Asbestos The Truth conference was brought to a close with a riveting speech from Robin Howie of Robin Howie Associates, President of BOHS 1998-99. He has been an active campaigner for continuous reassurance air testing a monitoring to be conducted in schools and other public buildings where asbestos fibres have a higher risk of being disturbed leading to potential exposures.

In his well-reviewed keynote speech, Howie explored the quantified mesothelioma risk to teachers and students in schools and the actions needed to be taken to implement tighter asbestos controls in the UK. The currently accepted level of asbestos fibre exposure is, Howie argued, insufficient in protecting those at risk of exposure.

Exploring different sampling and analysis techniques, Howie informed delegates of the different methods that should be used to ensure effective safeguarding is in place.

Read more about Howie’s speech here:

Asbestos The Truth: A Must Attend

With the 9th year of the Asbestos The Truth conference completed, the reputation of the event continues to thrive, bringing opportunities to network, gain knowledge and understand new techniques and technologies to all those within the asbestos industry.

Delegates continue to recommend the conference to all those who deal with asbestos including; Duty Holders, Facilities Managers, Assets & Estates Managers, Decision Makers, Developers and many more. Providing the most comprehensive showcase of speeches, breakout sessions and exhibitions is paramount to the continued success of the conference.

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