Are Asbestos Re-Inspections On Your New Year's Agenda

19 December 2019

To help you understand if a re-inspection survey is relevant, we have answered our most commonly asked questions.


Like any building material, asbestos-containing materials are also subject to potential damage and degradation. As an asbestos product degrades it can be more likely to become a hazard to health, therefore should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure its condition has not deteriorated. Whilst many properties have been inspected for asbestos at some point, there are very few which have had the results of that original survey assessed since.

To help you understand if a re-inspection survey is relevant, we have answered our most commonly asked questions:

Q. Is an asbestos re-inspection survey relevant to my building?

A. Firstly we must ask, does the existing report contain asbestos?

If yes, it should be reassessed to ensure it remains in the same state as it was when initially inspected.

A. Secondly we must then ask, have you had any asbestos removed?

Most asbestos removal is done by an asbestos removal contractor who self certifies that the asbestos has been removed in its entirety. Areas in which asbestos removal has taken place should also be included in a re-inspection survey by an asbestos surveyor who can provide independent assurance that the material has been fully removed.


Q. Can I undertake the asbestos re-inspection survey myself?

A. Regulation 10 of the control of asbestos regulations emphasises the need for persons carrying out the assessment to have sufficient information, instruction, and training to carry out the assessment. It is debatable what level of competency is required, this could be a number of years of experience or a particular formal qualification. However, the re-inspection comprises a visual inspection and the reassessment of the risk associated with the condition of the material and the environment that it sits in.


Q. Who should I commission to undertake the asbestos re-inspection survey?

A. In order to ensure that the risk associated with asbestos-containing materials is assessed correctly, an asbestos consultant holding asbestos specific qualifications should be employed. Having an asbestos consultancy undertake this inspection will ensure that you are provided with a clear report with necessary recommendations.

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