Case Study
University in the West Midlands

Asbestos Management Surveys

The main focus of the contract was to provide the University with a comprehensive asbestos management survey across its 120+ campus buildings which includes residential, teaching and office facilities.

The vast majority of the survey was carried out over the 2016 summer break, when the majority of students and staff were not on campus. This meant that the surveys could be carried out in a methodical and efficient manner with full access to areas and causing minimal disruption to students and staff.

Under the contract we also provide refurbishment and demolition surveys, sampling of suspected asbestos materials and air monitoring and clearance testing during asbestos remediation work support the University in maintaining compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Contract Value
5 yrs
Project Duration
Campus Buildings Surveyed

Coordinating the delivery of asbestos surveys on University campus is a challenging task that requires close liaison with their Estates team and Compliance Manager to plan and execute surveys whilst avoiding exam periods and events held on campus through the summer break. 

Carrying out the new management survey of their whole site involves recording and processing a significant amount of asbestos risk data and the challenge was to ensure that the data was compliant campus location names/references and was presented in an accessible and easy to interpret format.

The Solution

We successfully delivered the asbestos management surveys through extensive planning with the Estates team and Compliance Manager during the mobilisation stage, highlighting all areas that were freely accessible to begin with and then working to programme surveys around occupied areas in liaison with Heads of Departments and the Estates team. Our focus on planning, maintaining regular liaison with University staff throughout the programme,and our flexibility in being able to react to changes on campus was a major factor in successfully delivering the survey to all areas and without causing disruption to the University.

Survey data was collected using Lucion’s NexGen surveying app and stored within our NexGen asbestos portal for the University to access 24/7 via secure login free of charge. The system enables the Estates team and Compliance Manager full access to asbestos risk information which they can share with other staff and contractors to make sure they are safe when working across the campus. 

We have since provided annual re-inspections of known asbestos containing materials across the campus and also carried out ad-hoc sampling and testing in order to maintain the University’s asbestos register in compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.


"..this contract demonstrates our capability to deliver asbestos surveys within operational and complex environments and always with the client’s needs in mind, ensuring that we collaborate with the Estates team to minimise disruption with thorough planning for access and programme…"

Lucion Regional Account Manager
University in the West Midlands