Case Study
Global Facilities Management company

Sodexo is a Global Facilities Management company servicing both public and private sector organisations across the UK. 

Following a successful tender process in 2016, Lucion Services was commissioned to deliver a suite of asbestos management and consultancy services as part of their supply chain for one of their flagship clients in the North West including;

  • Management surveys and annual re-inspection surveys 
  • Refurbishment and demolition surveys ahead of planned works
  • Management of asbestos removal projects, including writing specifications, contractor vetting, and on-site management including four-stage clearances
  • Asbestos background, personal and reassurance air monitoring
  • Asbestos awareness training for maintenance staff and engineers
  • Asbestos management plan for all buildings across the estate which is reviewed and updated annually
  • Provision of a 24-hour emergency call out service for any suspected asbestos incidents

This contract is managed by Lucion’s North West area and led by a dedicated Account Manager and utilising a consistent team of surveyors and analysts to resource both planned programmes and reactive works.

£15k pa
Contract Value
2016 - Ongoing
Contract Duration

We initially carried out new full asbestos management surveys as per HSG 264 guidance for all pre-2000 built buildings on site.

The site is a large research and development and manufacturing site in the North West and Sodexo provided facilities management services on behalf of their client.

Planning and delivering a full site wide survey on this type of site is naturally a difficult task due to the size and scale of the site, the occupancy and operations of each area and various health and safety risks associated with the work. This required careful planning and consistent communications with the Sodexo, site occupants and other stakeholders through the project, with our Lead Surveyor meeting with the lead Site Manager every day to discuss progress and lookahead for the next 3-5 days of the survey programme.

Producing a new updated asbestos register for the site was the crucial first step in ensuring that Sodexo could manage asbestos risk on-site effectively. The survey was completed with all survey data being accessible via Lucion’s asbestos management portal, NexGen, for seamless reporting and delivery. 

In the following years, we have maintained their asbestos registers by delivering annual re-inspections of over 900 known asbestos containing materials. The re-inspection programme takes 4 weeks to complete with careful planning to arrange access to sensitive and operational areas and all re-inspection reports are uploaded to our bespoke asbestos online database NexGen, for their staff and contractors to view.

Additionally, with even residual asbestos risks on-site it is important that facilities management service providers ensure that an asbestos management plan is in place to manage the risks effectively and their staff are appropriately trained and competent for the work they undertake and are aware of risks of asbestos on site.

The Solution

We therefore support Sodexo with their asbestos policy and procedures in order to ensure they remain compliant with current legislation and regulations relating to asbestos management and guidance.  One of our expert asbestos consultants works with Sodexo’s FM Manager for the site to review and update their asbestos management plan every year ensuring it is compliant with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012, has updated contact details for key stakeholders and accurate information regarding procedures and reporting / recording of incidents. We also provide yearly asbestos awareness training for over 20 maintenance and engineering staff via e-learning which allows them to complete the training without attending traditional classroom based training.

Supporting them to complete maintenance, refurbishment and alteration works, we often carry out refurbishment and demolition surveys as part of the planning and enabling work process. Such surveys are planned very carefully with site visits undertaken to assess the full scope of work to ensure we take account of all areas involved in the work. Any caveats on samples or access are agreed with the project manager so that the survey meets the requirements and is fit for purpose. 

Surveys are delivered with close collaboration with on-site managers and supervisors to mitigate and minimise any disruption for occupants wherever possible.

We also support Sodexo with air monitoring and clearance testing services during any subsequent asbestos remediation and removal work ensuring that works are completed in line with HSG 248 guidance.

This contract demonstrates Lucion as a trusted and professional supplier for Sodexo, supporting them in delivering services to their client and ensuring they comply with the control of asbestos regulations (CAR) 2012 at all times.