23 May 2019

We are the market leaders in asbestos management and consultancy. For the past 8 years, we have developed our bespoke risk and compliance management software, NexGen, with our clients in mind. Our pioneering software now delivers data through QR code labelling and boasts highly accurate 3D mapping, securing our latest partnership award win.



The Association of Safety and Compliance Professionals (ASCP) have awarded our subsidiary company, Lucion Environmental and our client, Hull City Council, The Partnership and Collaboration of the Year Award 2019, presenting our holistic risk management services offering, including our risk and compliance management software NexGen, as a strong reliable solution in the risk management market.

Who are the ASCP?


ASCP is a membership organisation established to support safety and compliance professionals within the social housing and facilities management sectors. They aim to bring about positive changes in the industry, shaping the industry from the inside out and promoting knowledge sharing between organisations. It incorporates two specialist groups, the Association of Gas Safety Managers (AGSM) and the Association of Electrical Safety Managers (AESM). In partnership with CORGI Technical Services, the ASCP provides conferences, awards, events, meetings and learning opportunities to help raise safety and compliance standards in the sector.

The ASCP present a range of awards to individuals, organisations and supplier collaborations for achievements, progression, and developments in safety, compliance, and sustainability, in the social housing and facilities management sectors.

The Partnership and Collaboration Award


The Partnership and Collaboration of the Year Award recognises organisations and suppliers who collaboratively work together to improve and develop their safety and compliance standards. This award is for those who are demonstrating innovative practices that are leading by example in the sector with demonstrable positive outcomes.

Lucion’s subsidiary company and market leaders in specialist asbestos management, Lucion Environmental won the award in conjunction with working collaboratively with our client Hull City Council. Hull City Council procured asbestos and risk management services from Lucion in May 2018. During the past year, Hull City Council have worked closely with Lucion, using our compliance management software, NexGen, and have been key in providing feedback, helping us to develop and improve our systems offering to provide smarter solutions.

Such improvements have included the development and use of QR codes on fireboxes in high rise buildings and all domestic properties where asbestos surveys are undertaken. Tenants and contractors access asbestos surveys and registers via the QR codes helping them to prevent accidental exposure to asbestos and any other hazardous substances. Through NexGen, data accessed through the QR codes is updated in real time and acts as a living document.

Hull City Council has taken further measures to protect individuals and the environment from hazardous substances through using and helping to develop our 3D modeling software, NexPlore. 3D building models are produced when the asbestos survey is conducted. These models are then readily available to contractors through the QR code, showing exactly the location of asbestos within the building.

Matt Jukes, Chief Executive Hull City Council, congratulated Lucion on winning the award stating:

“I am delighted to congratulate you on being awarded The Partnership & Collaboration Award 2019 from the Association of Safety and Compliance Professionals.

Through working with you as our partner, the QR codes which are being placed on fireboxes is groundbreaking. Contractors can instantly bring up the asbestos survey complete with 3D modeling to show exactly the location of asbestos within that building. 

This is another major step forward in how we manage our properties with the safety of our residents and partners at the heart of what we do.”

The ASCP commented stating:

“Collaborating with other organisations to improve safety and compliance is an important way of improving standards in the social housing sector. Hull City Council and Lucion Environmental took home the coveted ASCP Partnership and Collaboration trophy as a result of their collaboration to bring about greater transparency and tenant engagement in safety activities.”

Claire Heyes, Chief Executive of the Association of Safety and Compliance Professionals (ASCP) said:

“We received a record number of high-quality entries for this years’ awards and the judges certainly had their work cut out! It is an incredible achievement to win one of these awards, so congratulations go to all the finalists in this category, but in particular to the Hull City Council and Lucion Environmental for their well-deserved win. Their partnership has resulted in some fantastic technology and communication initiatives that have increased understanding and awareness of where asbestos has been identified – which is so important for the safety of tenants, staff and local emergency services.”

Hull City Council has also been proactive in ensuring that the local emergency services in their region also have access to this information through the on-site QR codes. This is a prime example of how Councils and any duty holders can be proactive when managing their assets and the safety of residents, contractors, emergency services personnel and anyone else who may come into contact with their buildings.

Read about how Chesterfield College has implemented Lucion’s asbestos QR codes to improve their safety:

Compliance Management QR Codes

The QR codes, along with all of our services are delivered through our award-winning compliance and software management system NexGen.

What is NexGen?


NexGen is our bespoke, online compliance, and risk management system. The system is principally designed to keep our clients up to date with compliance standards and the asbestos and hazardous risks within their property portfolio.

NexGen allows our clients to track the ongoing risks, access data, reports, and photographs and mapping which are collected digitally by our on-site teams.

By using NexGen, our clients have access to numerous beneficial features such as accurate, time-stamped activity logs, transparent invoicing, real-time data availability, access controls (meaning you can choose to grant access to other contractors or relevant stakeholders) and Work In Progress oversight.

What’s more, NexGen is completely free to all of our clients who procure our services.

Whether you use our compliance management system or use your own, all of your data is stored on our systems for free and can be accessed at any time you need it. Think of it as a free back up!

With over 15,000 current active users, NexGen is designed to be user-friendly, with minimal training required to navigate the system. We provide a user guide, tutorial videos and training/demonstration sessions (typically 1-2 hours) free of charge during contract mobilisation.

How Does NexGen Work?


All of your data entered into NexGen will be held on Amazon AWS servers, which provides ISO 27001 accredited security, encryption and backup protection. We also have Cyber Essentials Plus certification as evidence we can protect our systems against a range of cyber attacks.

Each of your documents produced in NexGen is a ‘working document’ that can be updated as required. Survey reports are initially produced on site but can then be amended as required off-site. When new data is recorded (e.g. during a re-inspection survey), a new report will be issued and the historical report will be archived on the system (not deleted). Analytical reports are also a working document, showing the site before contractor set up, during works and after, along with comprehensive analyst’s notes and on-site diary of all activity, with photographic evidence.

NexGen can be accessed on any device with a web browser (computer, laptop, smartphones etc.). Any individual who needs to access information within your portal will be invited to register and will simply need to create their own secure password to correspond with their username. Our software team can review your specific IT and firewall settings during mobilisation and ensure there are no issues preventing access.

Find out more about how NexGen works and the benefits of using NexGen here:

Compliance management software

A Brief History of NexGen


In early 2011, during a period of steady growth, we decided to address the growing concern that our software choices were becoming too complicated to scale with the company. We had somewhere in the region of 25 disparate “off the shelf” programs and apps to manage different areas of our business and it was starting to impact our processes. We noticed the same of our competitors in the UK and abroad.

After a long search for an off-the-shelf solution, we realised that the asbestos / hazard-management software market is crowded with outdated technology unfit for our long term strategy. Solutions that would still require our clients to use multiple systems to manage their risks in their assets.

We decided to create an agile IT department to roll out our own compliance and risk management software system, and NexGen was the result.

Since 2011 we have incorporated or made obsolete all 25 apps, so our award-winning compliance system, NexGen, is now the only program we need to run our business.

Needless to say, the benefits of consolidating in this manner has seriously streamlined our company offering.

Our NexGen developments have come about from feedback from both our team members and our clients, such as Hull City Council. This has resulted in a system that has been designed for the end user, by the end user. Your requirements are our concern. Our team of software developers, known as the ‘NexGents’, are on hand to tailor your experience of the system to best need your requirements and make your compliance management as painless and seamless as possible.

Our Developers


Our NexGen developers, known affectionately as the NexGents, are an innovative group of intelligent tech-savvy individuals with a collective experience of 15 years software development.

The NexGents regularly liaise with clients providing them with free training on how to use the compliance software, access reports, manage permissions for access and manage their data imports and exports.

Having the NexGents based in-house is massively beneficial to our clients and our organisation as developments and improvements can be continuously made, aiding our growth as one of the UK market leaders in risk management.

Meet the NexGen Software Development Manager, Paul Hayball, and read about how the compliance management software has been developed and continues to make waves in the risk management software industry:

Our Growth


During the 2019 Plimsoll review, Lucion Services and our subsidiary company, Lucion Environmental, were named to be amongst the top 5 companies in the environmental hazardous management industry for productivity. Lucion Services and Lucion Environmental also took 1st and 2nd place relating to growth, demonstrating our organisation as a market leading, stable supplier.  

We were also the first UK asbestos management and consultancy organisation to achieve UKAS accreditation for mobile laboratories which have been used on long-term projects and isolated sites where round the clock analysis is required i.e. offshore vessels, nuclear power stations.

As part of our growth and sustainability plan, and to ensure we remain ahead of our competitors, our risk and compliance management software continues to develop its capabilities and functions in line with our clients’ feedback and requirements. This includes our developments in 3D risk management mapping through our software, NexPlore.

3D Risk and Compliance Management


We were the first UK asbestos consultancy to achieve independent certification to the BIM Standard PAS 1192-2: 2013 which means that our data can be used to populate BIM models. Maximising on this capability, we took part in a Knowledge Transfer partnership with Northumbria University in 2016 to develop a BIM application to produce 3D building models to allow users to identify the presence and location of asbestos more accurately.

Following 2 years of development and testing, NexPlore is now live and allows users to review asbestos information using interactive BIM models via both desktop and mobile devices. Due to the 3D aspect and interactive capability, the models dramatically reduce the risk of mistakes being made when reading 2D plans that can often lack context or perspective.

This innovative solution represents significant improvement of asbestos management over and above the existing regulatory requirements under the asbestos regulations and poses significant benefits for our clients, including;

  • increased awareness and visibility of asbestos within the context of a building’s structure
  • ability to plan investigative and remediation works without the need to visit the site unless absolutely necessary, thus reducing risk and disruption to building users.

NexPlore can also display your fire, legionella and other risk compliance data, providing a comprehensive risk management solution.

compliance software

Our Mission


We are a collaborative group of individuals dedicated to protecting people from exposure to hazardous substances. We are on a mission; to make the world a safer place to live.

Providing the means to protect is at the forefront of what we do as an organisation. Through developing our comprehensive risk and compliance software, we offer a holistic approach to managing and mitigating occupational health and hygiene risks, helping both our clients and ourselves, to achieve our mission.

Discover more about who we are, our mission and find out what it means to Be Lucion:

Asbestos Management

Further Information

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