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CDM Contractor Support

As trusted providers of CDM services, our team of NEBOSH qualified CDM consultants provide essential support for your CDM Contractor for your project, helping you to mitigate the risks to health,  safety, and welfare during your construction project.

CDM 2015 Regulations Briefly Explained

Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM 2015) took effect from 6th April 2015. These changes will impact the way safety management is managed within the construction industry.

Lucion Consulting and our team of safety professionals are here to support you through the transition every step of the way. CDM 2015 in a nutshell…

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What does a CDM Contractor do?

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) 2015 define the CDM contractor as individuals and/or companies that manage the constructruction phase of your project and/or an individual/company directly employ or engage the construction workers performing the construction works

The contractor has responsibility to ensure the project adheres to the construction phase of the project plan and considers all potential risks to both workers and members of the public, following the instruction of the Principal Designer. The contractor is also required to;

  • Assess training requirements and ensure all workers under their control have adequate training
  • Ensure all required information is given to workers under their control
  • Provide sufficient welfare facilities for all workers under their control
  • Prevent the start of works on site if there is insufficient measures in place to prevent unauthorised access of site

The duties of the contractor apply in cases where workers are directly employed, self employed, or are agency workers employed by the contractor.

Where more than one contractor is working on site, it is the duty of the client to appoint a Principal Contractor to take the lead role on site. It is the duty of the other contractors to follow the instruction of both the Principal Contractor and Principal Designer.

What CDM Contractor support services can Lucion provide?

CDM Contractors and Principal Contractors have various obligations placed on them under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) 2015  in terms of communication, coordination and cooperation with other duty holders, as well as ensuring the health, safety, and welfare for their teams. 

To help alleviate the pressures for your CDM Contractor(s), our team of CDM Consultants provide your contractors with a consultancy package ranging from a fully outsourced Health and Safety Management services, to ad hoc advice and recommendations, safety management systems review, audits, and support.

What are my responsibilities?

As a commercial client and duty holder, it is required that you make suitable arrangements for managing health, safety, and welfare during your project. Suitable arrangements should include ensuring your CDM contractor is competent and has sufficient information to carry out your project effectively. It is important to take into consideration the size and complexity of your project and, where multiple contractors are on site, appoint a Principal Contractor with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Our CDM Contractor support services combine a consistent structured approach to professional proactive coordination and management and help to remove additional pressures from your CDM Contractors. Our trusted CDM consultants can help you achieve your project goals safely in accordance with the capability requirements of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

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