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CDM Client Advisor

Our team of NEBOSH qualified consultants are experienced, trusted providers of CDM services and can act as your CDM Advisor for your project.

We are independent of quantity surveyors, design and project management services. 


The Role of the Commercial Client Explained

Designers and architects are fundamental under the CDM 2015 regulations ensuring risks are assessed throughout the design process and beyond. Tasks in the construction stages and in the future maintenance of a building are often underestimated and result in additional risks that could have been removed.

To support duty holders such as clients and designers following the introduction of the CDM 2015 regulations we focus on the role of the Commercial Client in this quick CDM Roles Explained download.

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What does a CDM Advisor do?

As CDM Advisor, our role is to ensure that you, the Client, are meeting your legal obligations and, on your behalf, that the Principal Designer (PD) is managing the pre-construction (design) phase and the Principal Contractor (PC) is managing the construction phase effectively. This is an all rounder management role where our consultants can ensure you meet your project goals.

We provide support to the client through all stages of a project, from feasibility, outline proposals, project planning, operations on-site, completion and handover. 

How can a CDM Advisor help me achieve my project goals?

During the pre-construction (design) phase we work closely with the Principal Designer and the wider design team to ensure they are implementing a thorough risk management strategy which takes into account the general principles of prevention, where foreseeable risks are identified and mitigated through the design process using the hierarchy of control for identified hazards and risks. The process is carried out on your behalf and is achieved through regular attendance at design meetings and in-depth desktop studies of proposals and documentation.

As a team of experienced consultants, we assist you to mitigate financial and project program risk by working closely with all stakeholders from the earliest stages of a project. By integrating into your project team as early as possible we are able to have maximum effect in providing guidance for the design stages in support of your, your companies, and your key stakeholders best interests i.e. identifying common pitfalls and advising on how these can be mitigated to reduce risk over the life of the project.

What CDM Advisor services can Lucion provide?

To ensure you meet your project goals, our team works with you to;
  • Ensure that your project brief is clear with regards to project goals in-line with CDM 2015 compliance and safety standards
  • Appoint the right people and organisations at the right time
  • Deliver the information, instruction, training and supervision your teams need to carry out their jobs in a way that secures health and safety and mitigates risks
  • Assess the current procedures and mechanisms in place for managing the project and ensure these are clearly understood and utilised by the project team
  • Create a project timeline to ensure sufficient time and resource has been considered to allow for the safe delivery of the project
  • Ensure duty holders are cooperating and communicating with each other and coordinating their work
  • Consult and engage with teams to pro-actively promote and develop effective measures to secure health, safety and welfare

The importance of effective communication, teamwork and shared learning when working with multiple framework providers from various disciplines as this ensures all stakeholders are working to set standards and project objectives. To promote collaborative working at all stages of your project, our operations are centred on multi-platform communications, from face to face and site meetings with stakeholders, to real-time online information and document sharing.

What are my responsibilities?

Commercial clients are not required to take on any active roles within their project however, under the Construction (Design and Management) regulations 2015, clients are required to make suitable arrangements for the management of the project including implementation of health and safety.

Our range of CDM services combine a consistent structured approach to professional proactive coordination and management, from a basis of sound construction knowledge and CDM experience, in accordance with the capability requirements of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

Lucion advisors understand the design process and the overall concept of Construction Design Management. Any CDM Advisor can produce a generic Information Pack or complete the HSE Notification form, the difference with Lucion is that we actually work alongside designers and challenge design decisions, resulting in elimination of hazards

As a multi-award-winning risk management consultancy delivering CDM Advisor services since 2007, we work in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation at all times.

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