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Legionella Consultancy

Operating since 2002, our team of Hazardous Material and Environmental Consultants and Surveyors have the experience and expertise to advise and help you manage your hazardous material risks and help you achieve compliance through best practice.

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Health and Safety Policy Template

Get organised and allocate responsibilities to certain team members using this easy to use Health and Safety Policy template provided by our health and safety consultants at Lucion Consulting.

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Legionella Consultants

Our team of Legionella Consultants look at the finer details of legionella control and will guide the client to compliance and control over their water systems. All of our consultants are trained and competent to deliver strategic technical knowledge over various types of buildings and water systems in accordance with the latest ACOP L8, HSG 274, HTM’s and relevant British Standards.

Our consultants can provide various legionella consultancy service, some of these are;

  • Designing of Written Schemes in accordance with HSG 274 and Water Safety Plans in accordance with HTM 04-01.
  • Assessing the requirements for training of Duty Holders and Responsible Person’s.
  • Provide audits of current legionella risk assessments.
  • Audit planned preventive maintenance tasks to ensure they are being carried out in accordance with the relevant guidance documents.
  • Auditing the current Written Scheme or Water Safety Plan so it is fit for purpose.
  • Provide further recommendations beyond the current legionella risk assessment which will mitigate risk associated with contracting legionnaires disease.

What are my responsibilities?

It is the responsibility of the Duty Holder / Responsible Person to ensure a safe working environment under the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974. This involves implementing risk assessments under the Management of Health & Safety At Work Regulations 1999 and Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002.

COSHH is designed to implement a safe working environment, not only around chemicals but biological agents as well such as legionellosis. This is where Lucion Services can step in and provide a legionella risk assessment and begin the journey to becoming compliant and in control of your water systems.

LCA Registered

Our Legionella team can help you through the process of managing your water systems by offering consultancy services as part of the well established Legionella Control Association. Being members of the Legionella Control Association ensures our work is of the highest of standards. With the LCA conducting annual audits of our work, this keeps Lucion Services working at these high standards.

Visit the LCA directory for more information.

Legionella Services

With an in-depth knowledge of the legislations, regulations and guidelines, the Lucion Services legionella consultants take pride in their work sharing knowledge and providing a safer environment! Communication is key and with our team throughout the UK we can always have a consultant available to assist a client and steer them in the right direction.

Get in contact today to speak to one of our legionella consultants and let us guide you to compliance.

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