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Case Study
Sulphur Testing Services

We have provided sulphur testing for this UK national maritime organisation since 2016, attending on average 2 ports per week to take samples of ship fuels. Sulphur testing is used to confirm that fuel being used by vessels visiting UK ports do not exceed the maximum allowed Sulphur content as stipulated by the International Convention for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).

Fuel Samples Analysed
UK Port Locations
5 Days
Report Timescale

The requirements for accessing live port environments and the testing of highly hazardous substances are very challenging and are controlled under strict health and safety regulations.

Our Marine Surveyors must undergo robust training and auditing by our Expert Consultants and Auditors to prove competency for sampling fuel substances to ensure their safety and the integrity of the results. 

We are required to attend the port to carry out the testing within very tight timescales and must obtain multiple levels of documentation and authorisation to gain access to the ports and then the vessels themselves. 

The Solution

Our Consultants arrange for instructions to be treated as a priority with attendance being programmed for the exact allocated time to ensure that we can gain access every time. We also request and complete copies of documentation required to board the vessels so mitigate delays or obstruction when arriving at the port. This ensures that the sampling is carried out smoothly and in a uniform process each time, at every port and for each ship being tested.

Our Marine Surveyors are equipped with appropriate sampling equipment, tools and PPE to ensure that the sampling can be completed safely with no risk to occupants and in-line with guidance.

Samples are sent to a UK based specialist laboratory for testing in accordance with ISO and BS EN methods and verification of the sulphur content is reported within 5 days as per the clients requirements.

This is a compliance driven service that is delivered within very short timescales and supports our client in managing ports safely and to UK standards and guidance requirements.