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Case Study
SBM Offshore Rig Recycling Consultancy

Lucion Services secured the contract to conduct the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) to Deep Panuke offshore platform for SBM Offshore. We had previously worked with SBM on the preparation of IHM to an FPSO vessel, so this project was the result of the good working relationship already established.

The IHM was done to facilitate a safe and environmentally sound decommissioning of Deep Panuke. Following which, desktop studies were conducted to 8 proposed global recycling facilities to ensure suitability and safe and environmentally sound working practices. Further in-depth audits were conducted to the 2 shortlisted facilities. On-site audits were carried out and final reports prepared with recommendations to our client, and to the facilities where minor improvement actions were required.

Following the appointment of the chosen recycling facilities, the next stage of the project included a review of a specific recycling plan detailing measures in place specific to Deep Panuke dismantling and disposal, with further recommendations being made as necessary. Lucion Marine will also be overseeing/supervising Hazardous Material remediation and disposal (yet to be conducted). 

The work was conducted by our IHM HazMat Expert team of Lewis Axon and Stephen Washington, where Stephen was responsible for ongoing decommissioning consultancy.

Records examined in the preparation of Inventory of Hazardous Materials
International facilities considered for recycling phase
Recycling facilities shortlisted for audit and recommendation

The IHM inspection was conducted in January 2020, just before COVID19 became a global issue. When it came to the facility audit of the platform, located in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia, it was conducted during the pandemic that meant restrictions applied, including exemption from travel restrictions based on expert status to support the project. Local quarantine and COVID testing were required before Stephen could attend the facility.

The Solution

The project has delivered to client expectations to date.

Collaborating with all stakeholders - the Client, Canadian Government, decommissioning facility etc. has been critical throughout the project.

We ensured that the correct people were allocated to the project (an expert team from the UK) and considerations made for local employment, where possible. (more info can be provided if needed).

All reports prepared and issued using Lucion’s NexGen system, allowing our experts to capture all the required information accurately whilst onboard the platform and then synchronise with NexGen Cloud servers when completed for further generation of the report.

This contract exemplifies our ability to coordinate the delivery of desktop and on-board services, effective communication and adapting our working practices to unprecedented and unforeseen circumstances.