Our Trust

Our entire organisation and the way we operate as a business is built upon a solid foundation of trust. Trust we build with  our clients, partners and our team members. Our culture as an organisation is fundamentally based on trust with every member of our team, wherever they may be located in the world.


For us, trust is central to all that we do - The work that we undertake in the external environment and the internal environment we create for our teams.  . Our trusting relationships with our team members are structured around our three pillars of engagement, motivation, and value.


These three pillars of trust have been fundamental to our success. The nature of our business means that we are often working remotely and autonomously. Each team member has vertical responsibility for their role  within Lucion, with support from our experienced and supportive  management team.



Building our culture of trust with all of our team members has been essential to ensuring we have and will continue to deliver market-leading, sustainable, and trusted risk management to our clients.