Our Environment

As a consultancy we do not manufacture goods or use raw materials to deliver our services, however we are committed to ensuring that our business operates in a sustainable manner both with regards to the environment and waste. 


Our environmental management policy sets out our strategic commitment to responsible business practices and environmental sustainability and our activities are managed in accordance with our ISO 14001 accredited environmental management system which implements controls on our waste, recycling and other related procedures to ensure that statutory requirements are met and maintained. 


As a service provider that delivers on-site inspection and testing services we recognise that carbon emissions from our vehicle fleet are the main waste product of our operations. Therefore this is where we can have the most significant and positive impact and as part of our Sustainability Improvement Plan 2017-22 we have set a target of reducing our carbon emissions by 10% year on year. 


We have been working to reduce our carbon footprint since 2015 where we initially introduced a fleet wide telematics system which tracks and reports on the mileage, carbon emissions and performance of all company fleet drivers. 


In 2016 we updated the company fleet and introduced vehicles with Volkswagan’s BlueMotion technology for improved efficiency and the use of AdBlue for use in diesel vehicles which converts dangerous Nitrogen Oxides into water vapour and Nitrogen. 


Also in 2016 we invested over £250,000 to extend our UKAS ISO 17025 laboratory to become the largest and low carbon asbestos testing laboratory in the UK with over 50 analysis stations and a SEM analysis suite. The laboratory is now powered with photovoltaic cells, which generate electric power by using solar cells to convert energy from the sun, and air source heat pumps, therefore providing all our heating, hot water and electricity from renewable sources.