Our Business

As a market leader in the testing, inspection and consultancy industry, we are investing in our resources and capabilities to ensure that we continually meet the growing needs of our clients and remain a viable and sustainable business. 


Our owners and investors are active within the company and commit to continually reinvesting profits into the company’s resources, equipment and research and development activities. We are focused on investing in our systems and resources to improve our clients’ experience and continue to ensure quality assurance.


As part of our Sustainability Improvement Plan 2017-2022 we are investing 1,000 hours into research and development into our employees, services and supply chain every year in order to maintain our position as market leader, providing higher standards of service and capability as part of our standard service model. 


We recognise that our employees are our main asset and that the most effective way to service our clients is to nurture our employees’ talents, skills and experience. We will be investing in our employees’ continued professional development to develop their expertise and nurture their talents to develop operational and customer service improvements. We have delivered over 500 IOSH, NEBOSH and BOHS qualifications to upskill existing members of staff since 2017.


We realise that CSR goes further than internal procedures and we are proud to be part of the local economies in which we operate. We select our suppliers not purely on price but also on the basis of quality of service and their policies, standards and participation within our community. We use local suppliers for each office for sundry items and consumables where possible and select suppliers that share the same ideals as us and have similar targets on reducing their carbon footprint and who also provide local training and employment opportunities.