12 February 2019

The new HSE ‘Asbestos Analysts' Guide’ is set to be published imminently. The British Measurement and Testing Association (BMTA) North East workshop will examine the new changes and best practices when managing asbestos.


Formed in 1990 to be a singular voice for the private sector to communicate with Government, BSI, UKAS and other credited authorities,  The British Measurement and Testing Association (BMTA) brings light to issues facing the testing and measurement industry.

BMTA is the representative voice for the testing and measurement industry and aims to provide a platform for knowledge sharing (methods and techniques) and reporting issues/solutions, as well as develop industry practices and standards.

Chief Technical Officer Charles Pickles recently published his latest asbestos white paper, ‘Why The Uk Needs Tighter Asbestos Controls’, challenging the currently accepted clearance indicator level in the UK (0.01f/ml) relating to airborne asbestos fibres. Charles will be discussing the white paper, focusing on the issues of managing asbestos in situ at the BMTA North East conference, 28th March 2019.


Managing Asbestos In Situ, What Is Safe?

Based on the research conducted by Charles Pickles and partners, organisations in the UK are currently managing asbestos below indication levels used in other European countries.

As the current clearance indicator level allows for a higher concentration of airborne asbestos fibres in the air, organisations are not measuring the true presence of asbestos fibres despite an annual increase of asbestos-related deaths in the UK.

Pickles states that the current UK asbestos regulations are insufficient in managing asbestos to the lowest practicable level.


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Risk Assessment FAQs

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Asbestos Is Schools White Paper

With widespread concern over the potentially harmful effects of asbestos in schools, modern air sampling and analytical techniques have the ability to better protect the health and safety of teachers and pupils. There is no safe limit of asbestos for people to breathe and we want everyone with a responsibility for safety in our schools to better understand the situation. 

The white paper has been designed to provide important information to those who manage asbestos in buildings, in particular those who are responsible for the maintenance of the property and teachers.

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