7 February 2020

Who are Pagabo?

Established in 2013, Pagabo is a framework organisation that makes public sector procurement quicker, simpler, and more effective. Operating nationally from central Hull, the company provides UK-wide public sector organisations with EU compliant framework agreements, a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), and bespoke consultancy – all delivered and backed up by a team led by qualified procurement professionals. Pagabo frameworks connect buyers to a wide range of works, services, and goods.


Pagabo frameworks, what are they and how can they facilitate the success of your project?

Complying with procurement laws and lengthy tender processes is one of the biggest difficulties the public sector faces when it comes to construction processes. With over 50 years’ experience in public sector procurement, Pagabo removes the burdens of procurement, simplifying the entire process, delivering transparent, modern,  EU compliant framework agreements and tender consultancy and support to help clients and their suppliers achieve a successful project, within budget. 

As part of Pagabo’s continued efforts to support social value in communities and to help both clients and suppliers access projects of all sizes with ease, Pagabo introduced their latest framework, the second iteration of the Professional Services Framework, which will be available to access from 12th April 2020.

The framework’s first iteration has delivered projects for clients including; Southampton City Council, Anchor 2020 Ltd, Department of Health, Manchester City Council, Northumberland City Council, Humber Foundation NHS Trust, and Leeds Becket University.

This latest Pagabo framework (the Professional Services Framework) will allow clients to access 77 providers split across 18 service specific lots in seven geographical regions, including civil, structural and highways engineering, building services, landscaping, and building surveying.


Lucion Proudly Joins Pagabo Framework

We are proud to announce that our subsidiary company and the UK’s market-leading asbestos testing, inspection and consultancy supplier, Lucion Environmental, has been awarded Lot 18, asbestos consultancy for the regions of; Scotland, North and South West England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To be considered for the Professional Services framework, our team was required to go through a rigorous Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) compliant tender process, prove strong finances and relevant experience. As well as this, we were required to demonstrate our company and team’s passion for social value and technology.


How can my organisation join Pagabo?

Pagabo frameworks are free to access when you sign up to your Client Access Agreement. Simply select a framework you would like to join and Pagabo will link you to both contracting authorities and contractors.

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For further information about our asbestos services click here: Asbestos Services.


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