Lucion visualises a BIM Future

18 May 2016

Risk management specialist, Lucion is bucking the construction industry trend by being well on its way to becoming Level 2 building information modelling (BIM) certified ahead of the UK Government’s October 2016 target to electronically validate BIM information delivered from supply chains.


BIM is a mandatory building services accreditation that will apply to all centrally-procured government construction contracts. Lucion has achieved the second stage of a four-stage certification process and is confident that full certification will be attained in April 2016. This is in contrast to the findings of a recent survey by the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) which found that fewer than one in six building contractors say they are ‘fully ready’ to use BIM and many more are struggling with key elements of Level 2 BIM.

Level 2 BIM will apply to any Whitehall contracts procured for construction, regardless of their size or value, meaning that non-compliant building services companies will lose out on work. Principle contractors as well as their supply chains will feel the impact if they’re not prepared in time.

Lucion’s strategy to become fully BIM compliant is well underway with the development of new technology to link buildings plans and drawings with data from asbestos surveys and analysis information. Existing building plans are enhanced with 360º panoramic images and icons to locate hazards and safety equipment, which are then linked to web-based NexGen asbestos records.

Lucion is working to develop the specialist technology for facility managers, project managers and safety managers who need to clearly communicate, what, where and how to mitigate asbestos safety risks. In its simplest form, 2D plans are provided which for most buildings and facilities will be sufficient. Where the site is a more complex environment, 3D sets can be created using existing 3D designs or by deploying the use of the latest 3D laser scanning techniques to build a model from scratch.

Charles Pickles, financial director at Lucion, said:

“The race is on to be fully prepared for the spring 2016 legislation coming into force and we’re well on our way to achieving BIM level 2 certification. This means that we’re set up to receive and re-purpose BIM data, allowing us to create bespoke visualisations and communicate sites or facilities in a simple, visual and intuitive way.

“Building information models contain the design of a building and all of the data concerning the properties of its components, its construction and ongoing maintenance. At Lucion, we have a duty to ensure that clear asbestos information is provided to every person liable to disturb asbestos and BIM provides a quick and efficient way of doing that.

“The construction industry is known for delivering projects late and over budget with the finished assets not quite working as they should. Adopting a BIM approach can bring predictability to a project, saving both money and time while minimising environmental impact by cutting out wasteful processes and activities through making more informed decisions at the right time.”


Asbestos Management Plan: 12 Step Checklist

Struggling to get started with your Asbestos Management Plan? Download our free 12 step AMP Checklist Guide and take the first step to safeguard your teams, contractors, and reputation.

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RPE Face Fit Test Guide

Depending on the type of work being conducted, employees identified (through risk assessments) as being at risk of exposure to hazardous dust or other respirable substances must wear suitable face-fit tested RPE.

Discover the various types of RPE and whether your RPE needs to be face-fit tested with our free download from Lucion Consulting.

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Tool Box Talk: Asbestos Awareness

As part of Lucion’s Take Care Be Aware initiative, we actively take care of our health and safety responsibilities, with continuous awareness of our commitments to knowledge share and educate.

In doing so we have created a ‘toolbox talk’ on asbestos awareness to raise awareness of the hazards associated with asbestos-containing materials, enabling safety professionals to share knowledge and overall save the time and effort in producing them for you and your teams.

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