1 May 2019

Lucion’s Laboratory and Tech Support function hosts North East fundraising event in aid of Cancer Research UK.



Our Tech Support team at Europe’s largest asbestos and hazardous substances testing Laboratory based in Gateshead, Nort East, have come together to organise a fundraiser for Cancer Research UK.

Assistant Administrations Manager, Kyle Amers, organised the event in May to support those affected by cancer.

“I wanted to organise the fundraiser because there are so many people who are both directly and indirectly affected by cancer, some of whom I know personally. I wanted to use work as a platform to raise money because of the generosity I have witnessed from our teams in the past. It was also a fantastic opportunity to build connections and have fun with our team members whilst raising money for a great cause.” Kyle Amers, Assistant Administrations Manager, Lucion Services.

Louise Tolan, Head of Technical Support, commented saying:

“Many of us have been affected in some way by cancer and particularly in the last 12 months we have had many team members in Tech Support affected by this terrible disease. We decided that we wanted to do something to give back and help so Kyle Amers took the helm and used his exemplary organisational skills to plan the event. Kyle is an Assistant Admin Manager within the Technical Support department overseeing all areas of customer service. His efficiency, engaging manner and creativity made him the ideal person to oversee the day. Kyle came up with and organised a range of activities and ensured that the day ran smoothly from start to finish. It was fantastic to see the team come together and raise money for such a worthy cause while having some fun in the process!”

Cancer Research


Originally known as the Imperial Cancer Research Fund founded in 1902, Cancer Research UK merged with The Cancer Research Campaign to become one of the UK’s largest cancer awareness charities with the mission to reduce the number of deaths relating to cancer through funding research.

The charity has worked with UK governments to help inform and improve cancer services including lobbying for improved screening programmes and promoting the smoking ban. The charity has been fundamental in providing funding for Cancer Research UK scientists, who have been involved with both the discovery and development of several cancer-fighting medicines.

Show Me The Money


Kyle organised a range of activities for Lucion team members to join in with:

  • Cake off competition
  • Cycling the length of the River Tyne (146 miles)
  • Buzzword jar – every time the following word is spoken, that person will have to donate 10p: Samples, Plans, Tenant, COOP, Asbestos
  • Dress down day
  • Fun fitness class after work

Thanks to Kyle’s efforts and the generosity of the Tech Support team, £404 has been raised in aid of Cancer Research UK. We are proud to have a team made up of autonomous individuals who have the care, passion and drive to conduct such activities.

Our Mission. Our Culture. Our Team.


We have one mission here at Lucion Services; to make the world a safer place to live. Our mission is reflected in all of our operations as a risk management group. Joining together to help raise money for Cancer Reseach UK holds true to our mission. Our mission is core to our culture and our team.

Discover more about our mission, our culture and our team and find out what it means to Be Lucion.

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