Why Facilities Management Needs An Integrated Approach To Hazardous Material and Environmental Risks

8 June 2023

The modern facilities management industry is facing numerous challenges, including rising costs, supply chain disruptions, and increased hazardous material and environmental risks. These issues can have significant impacts on budget, uptime, and overall efficiency. To address these challenges, many FM practitioners are turning to integrated approaches to ensure the smooth operation of their facilities. 

By working closely with suppliers and adopting technology-driven strategies, FMs can mitigate the risks associated with these challenges and equip their facilities to meet the demands of the modern world. 

It is important for industry professionals to explore the various options available for managing hazardous materials and environmental risks to maintain the health and safety of their facilities. Kim Johnson, Lucion Group’s Head of Business Development and exhibitor at this year’s upcoming Facilities Management Forum taking place on the 3rd-4th July, explores the need for an integrated approach to managing hazardous materials and environmental risks.


EHS Compliance refers to following laws, regulations, and standards intended to protect the environment, public health, and the safety of workers. This includes measures to prevent or reduce the negative impact of a company's operations on the environment, health, and safety, such as properly managing hazardous materials, controlling emissions and discharges, implementing safety protocols in the workplace, and complying with regulations regarding the handling and storage of chemicals. 

Ensuring EHS Compliance is important for protecting the environment and public health, as well as avoiding legal and financial consequences for companies that do not meet regulatory standards. For many FMs, the cost of compliance is increasing as economic pressures develop within their supply chain. Implementing an integrated approach and utilising multi-disciplinary, financially stable suppliers can help to reduce costs and management time.

At Lucion Group, we are dedicated to protecting people from hazardous environments and protecting the environment from the impacts of people. We provide environmental risk management, inspection, assessment and advisory services through our collective group of companies. 

To illustrate an integrated approach to hazardous material and environmental risk services, I have compiled a list of 12 compliance checklist to serve as a foundation for Compliance, Facilities, and Health and Safety managers in their pursuit of compliance.


12-Step Compliance Checklist


  1. Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Phase 3 - All large companies in the UK and across the EU must complete energy audits across their buildings, processes and transport operations before the compliance deadline of 5th December 2023. 
  2. Mandatory GHG Reporting and Disclosures - Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) is a UK framework for large companies to report energy use and GHG emissions. Carbon Disclosure Reporting (CDR) - a voluntary process for companies to report GHG emissions and reduction efforts to  Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).
  3. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report - used by stakeholders to assess a company's sustainability and social responsibility and make informed decisions, an ESG report is a voluntary document that provides information about a company's performance on environmental, social, and governance issues.
  4. Asbestos Management Surveys and Re-Inspections - a legal requirement on all non-domestic premises constructed pre-2000 to have an Asbestos Management Survey in place identifying any Asbestos-containing materials within the building to protect people from potential exposure to Asbestos. The Asbestos Re-inspection survey is conducted every 6-12 months following the Management Survey which monitors and records the condition of previously identified asbestos-containing materials in a building to ensure they do not pose a risk to health. 
  5. Legionella Risk Assessments - an assessment which evaluates the risk of Legionella bacteria in a water system and identifies hazards and control measures to prevent the growth and spread of the bacteria and protect people from exposure. It is required to ensure a safe working environment.
  6. Lead in Paint Testing and Risk Assessments - Lead in paint testing evaluates the presence and concentration of lead in paint to determine hazards and prevent health issues.
  7. Safe Systems of Work (SSOW) / Safety Management Systems (SMS) Review - SSOW/SMS review identify and manage work risks to ensure worker safety, legally required by the Health and Safety at Work act.
  8. Fire Risk Assessment - assessment of building compliance, that identifies hazards, and recommends improvements.
  9. Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments - Conducted by trained professionals, DSE assessments check workstation setup to identify risks for employees using display screens.
  10. Annual Training Gap Analysis Review - Training gap analysis identifies deficiencies in current training programs.
  11. Review of Legal Registers - A review of Legal Registers is a process of evaluating the legal requirements and obligations that apply to an organisation or business, and identifying any gaps or deficiencies in how these requirements are being met. 
  12. Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Compliance Audits - An EHS Compliance Audit is a systematic review of a company's operations, practices, and systems to assess their compliance with environmental, health, and safety laws, regulations, and standards. 

About FM Forum

A highly focused event that brings facilities professionals and key industry solution providers, the Facilities Management (FM) Forum consists of one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars and valuable networking opportunities; in two days!

Lucion Group be exhibiting at this year’s event, showcasing our range of Hazardous Material and Environmental Risk Services. As an experienced provider of services, we are a trusted partner and an essential member of the Facilities Management supply chain.

Our hazardous materials and EHS compliance assessment programs are designed to align with our clients' culture and strategy - creating a prioritised programme to ensure compliance with legal and company requirements.

As trusted organisations, dedicated to quality, reflected in our QHSE business management systems are accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, which reflects our dedication to quality. 

With this dedication to quality and level of expertise in environmental risk management, we are the perfect partner for your FM supply chain. Get in touch with our team today. Click ‘Make and Enquiry’ or call us on 0345 5040 303.


About The Author

Kim Johnson - Head of Business Development

Group Head of Business Development at Lucion Group, Kim Johnson, has earned nearly 13 years of experience within the environmental industry. Starting her career as an Asbestos Surveyor/analyst,  Kim has gone from strength to strength, earning herself a reputation for taking the pain out of managing hazardous materials for our clients. In her role as Head of Business Development, Kim leads a team of Business Development Managers and Executives across the Lucion Group and its subsidiary companies; Lucion Services, Delta-Simons Ltd, Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services, Ground Engineering, Landform Surveys Ltd, Midland Surveys, and Lucion NexGen, supporting them to effectively support our clients through the complex world of regulations and guidelines in hazardous material management.

E: kimberley.johnson@luciongroup.com

M: 07788315848

T: 0345 5040 303

Linkedin: Kim Johnson


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