RICS Presents: Asbestos Identification, Management & Removal

22 July 2020

Lucion partners with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to deliver essential information on asbestos management and control measures.


Lucion Environmental is the UK market-leaders in asbestos inspection, testing, and management, with a team of experienced and highly qualified risk, asbestos, and environmental consultants. During the past several years, our team of managers and consultant specialists have regularly delivered key seminars and speeches at past RICS events throughout the UK. 

RICS has invited our South Wales Account Manager, Nicky Honing, to present a 1-hour CPD webinar session on asbestos identification, management, and removal scheduled on the 28th July 2020.


Who are RICS?

Founded in 1868, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a membership and accreditation body who work globally to enforce and promote a singular high standard for valuation, management and development of the built environment. Working collaboratively with multiple organisations, RICS has been fundamental in developing standards of consistency, benchmarking and measuring from creating a standard method of measuring spaces (International Land Measuring Standard) through to founding International Ethics Standards).

RICS champions sharing knowledge across all industries to promote best practices and implement these standards through effective training and guidance for industries and professionals.

Our team has covered all aspects of asbestos management during RICS events, from interpreting reports through to effective portfolio management, to help companies and individuals better manage their asbestos risks.

The Coronavirus outbreak has hindered many regular workshops and seminars nationwide. RICS has adapted its usual face to face settings to an online platform allowing for the continuation of CPD seminars.


What will the seminar cover?

Even though asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999, there is still a high prevalence of buildings that contain it. With recent cases highlighting the need for more careful identification, management and removal of this hazardous material. This seminar will provide much needed practical guidance and the latest best practice on the best approaches to dealing with asbestos. 

The 1 hour Asbestos identification, management and removal CPD session will cover:

  • Using surveys to identify different types of asbestos

  • Creating and implementing a management plan

  • Case studies and the lessons learned

  • Legal and professional indemnity insurance implications

  • RICS Guidance and other sources of information

This event currently has 1100 participants attending. To find out more about the event and other upcoming RICS events please click the link: RICS Events

UPDATE: This event is now sold out

About the Speaker

Nicky Honing has over 10 years’ experience in the asbestos consultancy industry. As Lucion’s Account Manager for the South Wales region, he uses his extensive site and project experience to manage works for our key accounts in South Wales as well as managing team training, resourcing, quality control and delivery for the region.

Nicky’s experience includes managing high profile clients in other high-risk sectors where projects require significant planning to ensure quality is achieved without compromising on safety. 

His notable qualifications include:

  • W504 - Asbestos & Other Fibres

  • RSPH Certificate in Asbestos Surveying

  • P403 - Asbestos Fibre Counting (PCM)

  • P404 - Air Sampling and Clearance Testing of Asbestos

  • UKATA accredited AAT & NLWT trainer

  • Micad Asbestos Module Training 

Nicky has played integral roles within organisations in sectors such as local authority and NHS in assisting in developing compliant asbestos management systems and has also delivered asbestos consultancy on complex asbestos removal projects, from boots on the ground analytical and surveying services to high-end consultancy, producing specifications and overseeing phases of site work.


Want to get in touch?

For all commercial enquiries or to discuss your project needs with an experienced consultant, please either submit an enquiry using the enquiry form button on our website (located top right of your screen) or contact us:

E: info@lucionservices.com

T: 0345 5040 303

For all speaking enquiries please email Group Marketing Executive Kerren O’Malley: kerren.omalley@lucionservices.com


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