Lucion Environmental webinar highlights the solutions and best practices for managing asbestos in educational buildings and campuses

15 June 2021

Lucion Environmental held a webinar on 8th June to provide practical guidance and advice to a range of issues around asbestos, safety, compliance and sustainability in educational buildings and campuses.


Hosted by EdQuarter, the webinar brought together two leading experts from Lucion Services and Lucion client UCL’s Asbestos Manager to discuss the risks, solutions and planning that goes into maintaining a safe environment for students and staff at all levels in education.

Reporter James Higgins from University Business (part of EdQuarter Publication Group) expertly brought out valuable guidance and insights from the panellists Kimberley Johnson (Head of Business Development, Lucion), Larne Fuller (SE & London Area Director, Lucion) and Jane Adamson (Interim Asbestos Manager, UCL).

The discussions held following the questions from the host and audience highlighted the practical guidance and the latest, best practice approaches to dealing with asbestos in education establishments.

Some of the questions covered during the webinar included:

  • What danger does latent asbestos pose?
  • What regulations are currently in place for asbestos – and how does that affect educational facilities?
  • What steps can we take to minimise the risk of asbestos exposure in educational settings?
  • How is UCL managing asbestos at their campus.

The webinar touched upon a wide range of topics of concern to duty holders with insights and tips on identifying asbestos, communicating the findings and taking remedial actions.

Larne informed about the main types of asbestos related diseases and highlighted that the latency periods can vary between 10 and 40 years from exposure to diagnosis. He added that while it is not possible to remove all asbestos from buildings, managing good condition asbestos in situ rather than attempting to remove it may in circumstances be a safer option to avoid risk to workers and building occupants.

Larne also responded to the question addressing the challenge of retrofitting new heating and lighting systems into buildings that are known to contain asbestos and talked about the use of air monitoring onsite as part of the solution.

Kim addressed the question around regulations governing asbestos and the responsibilities of the duty holder for the assessment and management of the Asbestos on site. 

Early in the webinar, Kim delivered a presentation on the steps needed to minimise the risk of asbestos exposure in Educational Buildings, which included the identification, management and ongoing review to support the overall compliance of the organisation and the safety of staff and pupils on site.

Jane brought the experience of a large university with a sprawling campus and shared her expertise in dealing with Asbestos on campus under her role as Asbestos Manager.

As a client of Lucion Service, UCL have been supported in their journey to compliance. Jane shared her experience of working with Lucion and gave top tips and best practices for managing asbestos in a University Campus.

You can find more details on the discussions highlighted above and much more in the webinar recording available at the following link:

Webinar Replay

Webinar Replay


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