Continuing the RoSPA Gold Standard in Health & Safety and Fleet Safety

7 July 2021

Lucion Services is delighted to be celebrating once again after achieving another double of RoSPA Gold for health and safety award and fleet safety medal.


The internationally recognised award from the UK membership organisation of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) demonstrates high Health and Safety and Fleet performance standards.

Lucion Services has received the RoSPA Gold Health and Safety Awards for working hard to ensure its employees and clients get home safely to their families at the end of every working day.

Organisations receiving a RoSPA Award are recognised as being world leaders in health and safety practices. Every year, nearly 2,000 entrants vie to achieve the highest possible accolade in what is the UK’s longest-running H&S industry awards.

Commenting on the latest in a string of achievements for the H&S team at Lucion, Chief Technical Officer Ross Boulton said:

“The RoSPA award schemes provide invaluable bench-marking of our health and safety management systems. To achieve gold standards, we've learnt that our approach to health and safety has to be far more than simple corporate policies and well meaning intentions. We've had to be innovative in our approach and lead a culture of continuous improvement. 

Our overall QHSE programme is focused on raising awareness, understanding and participation of individuals. Therefore, I'd like these awards to be seen as a testament to the work our employees are doing on a daily basis to keep our workplaces, and those of our customers, safe and healthy.”

Julia Small, RoSPA’s achievements director, said:

“RoSPA is very proud of the achievements of its entrants, and with this award we recognise the best of the best, those organisations that have gone the extra mile, raising the bar for the delivery of safety in the workplace.

Employees, wherever they may be, should be able to go to work safe in the knowledge that they will return home unharmed and healthy at the end of every day. Our RoSPA Award winners are central to achieving this goal. By entering they are driving up standards and setting new safety benchmarks for organisations across the world.

“The RoSPA Awards scheme is the longest-running of its kind in the UK, but it receives entries from organisations across the globe, making it one of the most sought-after achievement awards for health and safety worldwide. Currently, around 7 million people are directly impacted by the RoSPA Awards, but the scheme’s global influence is even wider – with nearly 2000 organisations from 46 countries represented this year.”

Operating for over 100 years, RoSPA plays a fundamental role in UK health and safety. In both personal and occupational life, RoSPA campaigns for the implementation of best safety practices, encouraging continuous change and development in current safety management systems. 

Providing a multitude of support, resources and training to individuals and organisations, RoSPA offers reassurance to clients that suppliers who hold RoSPA awards have evidenced effective health and safety practices throughout their business.

Lucion Services and its subsidiary companies will be proud to display our two prestigious, internationally recognised Gold awards from RoSPA to showcase our outstanding health and safety practices.


Health And Safety Award: Gold

The development of our health and safety practices and investment in improving our engagement with team members has been fundamental to upholding our RoSPA Gold Health and Safety award.

Due to the continued development of our internal communications and engagement processes, we have seen a continued year on year decrease in the number of accidents/incidents throughout the company. Developing our communication processes and investing in effective engagement with our team members has altered our health and safety culture within the organisation.

Chris Parr, Technical Director at Lucion Services, said about the achievement:

“2020 presented us with many professional challenges due to the Covid pandemic, so this award feels very special for us. It is a testament to the efforts of all our people in following the updated H&S guidelines, respecting the values of our business and caring for each other while continuing to deliver the trusted service for which we are known.

“The health and safety of our team is always our primary concern, both onsite and elsewhere, in our business. This award recognises our commitment to maintaining consistently high standards of health and safety across all areas of our operations. 

Achieving the gold award for the 5th year in a row is an incredible achievement and shows the commitment all of our team have to excellence in all aspects of their work.”


Fleet Safety Award: Gold

The RoSPA Fleet Safety Award rewards organisations for their continued development and improvement in managing occupational road risks. Adrian Dack, Systems Manager, commented on achieving RoSPA Gold for our efforts in managing our organisation’s fleet safety:

“I would like to say a huge thank you to our team for helping us all achieve this fantastic accolade. A special thanks goes out to all our drivers, whose safe driving and adherence to safety protocols year on year has led to continued success for the Lucion fleet in this award category.

“We are proud of this achievement and it encourages us to continue to be proactive in implementing and developing our driving specific health and safety policies and procedures.”


What Is Involved In RoSPA Submissions?

RoSPA submissions are extensively detailed submissions detailing how an organisation continually improves its health and safety standards and procedures year on year. Therefore, every RoSPA submission requires a detailed analysis and record of the H&S safety procedures, practices and incidents over the course of the year. 

It involves responding to various questions relating to how, as an organisation, we manage:

  • Safety Leadership
  • Workforce Engagement
  • Active Monitoring
  • Accident Investigation
  • Performance Reviews across the Group
  • Rigorous auditing process to ensure compliance with external and internal health and safety guidance, regulations, and policies

Working closely with the Chief Technical Officer and the Technical Team, our Bid Writers collate information and use our best examples of health and safety management, practices and innovation that we have implemented during the past year. 

As well as covering our assurance metrics data, internal training and auditing practices, we also include our homegrown innovative health and safety initiative, Take Care, Be Aware (TCBA). Our TCBA initiative works on a two-way feedback system where all team members are encouraged to submit observations, suggestions for improvements, near misses, and accidents reviewed and educate the development of our health and safety practices. Team members from each of our area offices (both national and international) act as representatives and contact for colleagues internally. The team works together to continue to promote high standards of health and safety across the company.

Discover more about our TCBA Initiative and how we engage our employees here - Health & Safety Management - Why Your Health And Safety Practices Should Be A Two-Way System


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