Construction Leadership Council Introduces New Updates To Site Operating Procedures

5 November 2020

As more construction sites open up to commence works and tighter COVID-19 restrictions are introduced by the Government in many areas of the UK, Senior Consultant and Head of CDM Services Christian McCale reviews the latest updates to Site Operating Procedures.


In late October the Construction Leadership Council introduced much-needed updates to Site Operating Procedures Version 6 in a bid to help combat and control the spread of Coronavirus on construction sites. Whilst the HSE October site inspections programme has now come to an end, clients must still take action to ensure changes are reflected on their sites without delay.


What are the key changes to the procedures? 

  • Introduction

    • The workforce is to be reminded through site inductions and daily briefings of specific social distancing and control measure requirements

  • Travel to work

    • Social Distancing

      • Links to advice have been changed/updated.

      • No specific procedural change discussed

      • Note on those Clinically Extremely Vulnerable has been inserted here stating Shielding is paused and could be reintroduced locally with letters sent to those affected.

    • Self Isolation

      • Note added requiring isolation for 10 days from receiving a positive COVID 19 test result

      • Note added stating those returning from countries not identified on a travel corridors list are required to isolate for 14 days

    • Previous headings relating to 'Persons at higher risk', ' Persons defined as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable' and 'Those living with a person in the above groups' have been removed with a statement added under social distancing as noted above.

    • If Someone Falls Ill

      • Follow the 'Stay at Home' guidance, not returning unless an individual has a negative COVID 19 test result or completed isolating and no longer unwell

      • Sites informed of more than one confirmed case (positive COVID 19 test result) within 14 days are required to contact Public Health England.  No mention of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

    • Travelling With Others

      • Discouraged, however, if necessary advice is provided as previously but the following has been added/updated.

        • Travel with up to a maximum of 6 (excluding public transport)

        • Maximise distance - side by side and non-facing

        • Wear a face mask

        • Clean vehicle between journeys including all touchpoints.

  • Site Access

    • Canteens

      • Canteens serving food are to display NHS QR Code

      • Face coverings must be worn except for when seated to eat/drink

      • Specific 2m (or 1m with risk mitigation) statements have been removed and instead to avoid face to face interaction by re-configuring canteens added.

  • Work Planning

    • Reduce measures

      • Specific mention of 2m (or 1m with risk mitigation) statements have been removed and replaced by current social distancing requirements

    • PPE

      • Link to advice on face-covering guidance has been removed.

      • Specific mention of 2m (or 1m with risk mitigation) statements have been removed, while maintaining advice on social distancing, hygiene and hierarchy of control, as well as not encouraging the use of PPE as a control measure for COVID 19 alone without considering other mitigating control measures.

It is strongly recommended that you review the current guidance due to the number of statement changes and time passed to remind of some of the longstanding requirements also. 

1. The canteen on construction sites are required to display the NHS QR code to be able to track and trace.  There is a link within the guidance on how to go about setting up this for your site using the Gov.UK website. Can we do a step by step guide perhaps. 

2. Sites that have been informed of more than one confirmed case within 14 days are to contact their local Public Health England protection team. There is a poster by Build UK on 'WHAT TO DO IF A WORKER HAS COVID-19 OR HAS TO SELF-ISOLATE' If we can provide the link and summery for the flow diagram of what to do and also contact details.

Public Health England action card 


How Can Lucion Help Me To Remain Compliant?

We are NEBOSH qualified, trusted providers of award-winning risk mitigation strategies across a wide range of environmental and occupational areas to help you ensure your project is completed successfully and safely, the first time. 

 Our team at Lucion Consulting are happy to discuss the updated Site Operating Procedure guidance and can undertake site auditing and monitoring or meet to provide consultation on site specific control measures to implement.


For further information about the latest updates, please contact Christian McCale:


T: 0345 5040 303


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