Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services Announces Newly Qualified RPA

29 November 2022

As a UK market-leading provider of Radiation Protection Services, Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services (ARPS) are pleased to announce that Colin Duncan has joined the ranks of the company’s fully qualified, accredited, Radiation Protection Advisers (RPAs).


What Does It Take To Achieve RPA Accreditation?

RPA Accreditation is a professional qualification awarded by the HSE-approved assessing body RPA2000, which requires candidates to compile a portfolio of work, allowing them to act in a legal capacity within the RPA role.

Colin, who has a BSc in Geology and Petroleum Geology from Aberdeen University and an MSc in Petroleum Geochemistry from Newcastle University, has been working steadily towards achieving this goal over the past five years since joining ARPS in 2017.

The father-of-two has gained experience on a diverse range of projects, working both onshore and offshore, in a variety of sectors. These include his work to redesign a dental X-ray unit to improve user safety.

During his time with ARPS, Colin has gained significant experienced having worked on several laboratory decommissioning projects, undertaking veterinary and offshore audits, and assisting with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Matter (NORM) monitoring jobs, and radioactive source disposals.

His award means that ARPS now operates with eight fully qualified RPAs, extending the company’s capacity to facilitate clients both across the UK and internationally.

Colin commented on his accreditation achievement:

“Becoming an RPA is a big deal for me. I join the ranks of around 560 people who are classed as an RPA in the UK. 

“There are not enough RPAs to cover all the different fields in radiation protection in the UK, so I am really proud to have achieved this.” 

Radiation Services Director, Matt Brodie, added:

“Colin has worked hard and shown real commitment and dedication to achieve this career milestone. He has managed to produce a portfolio of work which demonstrates his knowledge and understanding of the regulations concerning radiation protection.

“Having another fully qualified RPA is a real asset to the ARPS team, as it strengthens our ability to deliver first-class radiation protection services and advice to existing and potential clients.”

Colin will continue his professional development by turning his focus towards achieving his Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) certification. 


About Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services (ARPS)

Acquired by Lucion in December 2021 Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services Limited (ARPS) was founded in 2001 and provides a full radiation protection service to a wide range of sectors including research institutes, technical service companies, medical facilities, and oil and gas operators.

Specialists in providing Radiation Protection advice, Radioactive Waste advice and Dangerous Goods Safety advice and training to customers to the Energy sector, ARPS also serves the waste management industry including Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) decontamination and final disposal sites, vets, teaching/research faculties, and local authorities. 



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