A Festive Farewell To 2022

15 December 2022

As we say goodbye to another year, Lucion Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Phil Rozier, reflects on what we have achieved this year and shares essential information about our festive period closures.


This year has been another big one for the Lucion Group. In the past year alone, with the help our investors Palatine PE, we have completed 4 acquisitions; Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services, Landform Surveys Limited, Ground Engineering and Midland Survey Limited

Due to our continued growth strategy, we introduced a new company structure, with key internal promotions, including Group Managing Director, Alex Ferguson to guide our commercial activities across the group, and Managing Directors for our inspection (Lucion Services - Jeremy Meredith), Assessment (Delta-Simons Geoenvironmental - Simon Clennell-Jones) and Advisory (Delta-Simons - Damian Robinson) services.

We have expanded our client community by an additional 550 (totalling around 5500 active clients), whose loyalty we continue to be extremely grateful for in what are challenging economic times. Through our Inogen Alliance membership, we have expanded our operations into new territories and connected with associates from all across the world. 

But all of this growth and development has not come without some hardships. Like all companies across the UK and internationally, we have collectively weathered the ongoing war in Europe, the inflationary rises on a level not seen in a lifetime, energy prices soaring beyond people’s and businesses' means, global supply chain shortages and strikes. There has never been a more disruptive time at work, and it has been sad to see some of our fellow companies within the environmental industry close their doors this year. We, in turn, have taken early action to ensure that we continue to be a stable, resilient partner to our clients throughout the forthcoming recession.

Whilst, like all businesses, we are faced with the challenges of the latest economic crisis, we do not see this as a time for us to stall. We have continued to push our Environmental, Social, Governance and sustainability focus, which is at the forefront of all our minds as we see the ongoing climate crisis hit the news every day. I am pleased to report that our ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by the end of 2022 is set to be achieved. Our internal ESG team will release our Carbon Report in Q1 of 2023, outlining our goals to become carbon negative by 2030.

This means the business will set a plan for carbon reductions by 2030 or sooner, while committing to offsetting annual emissions from our operations across the group each year, working towards achieving our collective carbon emissions reduction measures.

As a Group, we aim to make a positive impact. Operating a UK-wide fleet results in carbon output. Whilst we make every effort to implement an efficient operational system to minimise travel time, we will also offset our residual carbon emissions by 150% and are looking forward to getting the keys to our first set of electric vans in the new year. Further, we are adopting a long-term approach to forestry and habitat creation projects, such as tree planting and peat bog restoration, which use the business revenue or headcount as a metric for units purchased to ensure that the bigger we get, the better our contribution will become.

As we continue to work towards our goals, one thing remains prevalent; communication. Communication between our clients, community, and the wider industry is vital to meeting our shared goals and objectives. In addition to our above successes, we have re-launched our internal communications platform for which we received a commendation at the Excellence in Engagement awards. We also launched our Lucion Group Magazine last month, sharing through leadership from across our group of companies.

It’s clear it has been another busy year for our team, and the upcoming holidays will be a welcome opportunity to rest and reset for our team. We will be closing our Lucion Group, Lucion Services, Delta-Simons, Landform-Surveys LtdGround Engineering and Midland Survey Ltd offices at 5pm on Friday 23rd December 2022 and reopening on Tuesday 3rd January 2023 at 8:30am. Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services offices willl close at 5pm on the 23rd December, re-open from 8.30am on the 28th December through to 5pm 30th December, reopening again on Wednesday 4th January 2023. 

Should you have a query during this time please leave a message via our ‘Make An Enquiry’ box at the top right-hand of the page. Or you can email us at info@luciongroup.com and we will respond to your query once our offices reopen in the new year.

If your query is urgent and you have been allocated an emergency out-of-hours telephone number, then please call this number immediately and a member of our team will respond to you in accordance with your contract.

This festive season is the perfect time of year to let you know how much we appreciate your support and business during 2022. We hope you have a restful and happy festive season and look forward to working together in the new year.


Phil Rozier

Chief Executive Officer

Lucion Group



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