Case Study
UK-Based Building Society

Asbestos Management Plans

Lucion has worked with this building society for a number of years providing ad-hoc services to support them in managing compliance with the control of asbestos regulations 2012. In 2019 they requested a full audit and update of their management procedures regarding asbestos, including policies, registers and management plans.

Our Technical Consultants have been working closely with the group’s business and compliance personnel, providing expert advice and guidance, to re-design their approach and make their systems and procedures more effective and cost effective.

Project Value
Sites Across The UK

The client has multiple levels of management and responsibility for asbestos management through their staff structure and with over 380 locations across the UK including several offices and high street retail units, they have a large amount of asbestos data to manage, review and update in-line with regulatory requirements.

With any large organisation that operates nationwide with multiple teams and departments with a responsibility over asbestos management, the possibility of inconsistent approaches and procedures are compounded and therefore the need for a simple and uniform process for managing asbestos is a key factor in maintaining compliance with regulations. 

The Solution

Our team of expert Technical Consultants worked very closely with the client’s compliance and safety teams to review and update their corporate asbestos management plan. We essentially became part of their compliance team temporarily to understand how asbestos is currently managed on procedure level and to identify areas for improvement based on regulations and best practice. The first stage of updating was to carry out a full gap analysis of their existing asbestos information to identify any areas for actioning additional investigation.

A training needs analysis for persons responsible for asbestos management was also carried out to highlight any additional training required by their management and supervisory staff to demonstrate competence for duty holders. Management procedures of the asbestos register were also reviewed to highlight improvement actions on how to better manage the register and ensure it is kept up to date by multiple stakeholders. One of the key outcomes of the management plan update was the recommendation for an asbestos coordinator role within the business to ensure that asbestos issues were addressed at both compliance and project levels across their property portfolio.

To carry on with our approach and to use our expertise of the clients asbestos risk profile and their operations we suggested that one of our junior consultants should be seconded into their compliance to support the embedding of new procedures, the delivery of the improvement actions and maintenance of the new asbestos management plan. The secondment role has been a success and means that we are continuing to support the client in managing compliance with the control of asbestos regulations 2012 more effectively and with better outcomes.