Case Study
A London Based University

Asbestos Consultancy

As their dedicated Asbestos Consultant, our role is to support this London based University’s Estates & Facilities team to manage asbestos risk across their estate which is made up of over 400,000 m2 of space across 130 buildings, including housing facilities for 5,000 students. 

We provide all aspects of consultancy services under the contract, including: 

• A full management survey of all buildings and annual re-inspections to update and maintain their asbestos register, with all asbestos data being uploaded into their CAFM system 

• Ad-hoc testing for suspected asbestos-containing materials, as well as lead in paint, anthrax, radon, and legionella testing

• Planned refurbishment & demolition surveys for repair and maintenance activities

• Technical specifications, tender support, and project management of asbestos abatement and removal works

• Air monitoring and clearance testing using PCM and SEM analysis

• Meeting with their asbestos and compliance teams at monthly asbestos meetings to proactively manage asbestos risk

Contract Value
3 yrs
Contract Duration
Buildings On Campus

The main aspects of the contract are delivering a programme of management surveys to their whole estate to update their asbestos register and to support their Asbestos Team in managing asbestos risks during maintenance and refurbishment schemes projects, providing intrusive surveys, project management of remediation works and air testing as per HSE Guidance. Working on a live University campus in London has many intrinsic challenges, including managing access, occupancy and safety. The University has a facilities management contract that controls access to buildings for contractors and suppliers and the University operates a strict Permit to Work system to manage work effectively and ensure that works are delivered safely and with no disruption to students and staff.

The Solution

To ensure that services are delivered effectively one of our Technical Consultants is based on site on a day to day basis to coordinate surveying and analytical works with the University’s compliance teams and facilities management provider, applying for permits to work, attending site visits, liaising with project teams, and overseeing multiple teams delivering asbestos services on-site at any one time. This close relationship allows us to deliver services with effective planning that are fit for purpose and meet project specific needs, first time and every time.

Surveys and analytical services are programmed in both normal hours and out-of-hours in order to reduce disruption to students and staff and we work closely with their project teams to plan access and agree reporting times to meet specific project needs and not cause onward delays.

Our Regional Account Manager meets with the University’s Asbestos & Compliance Team and facilities management provider on a monthly basis to proactively address any issues with access and site safety and to report on current progress and review our performance against KPIs.