Case Study
Large Power Station in West Yorkshire

Asbestos Pre-Demolition Survey

Lucion was awarded a contract in 2017 for the Asbestos & Hazardous Materials Demolition Survey at a large Power Station in West Yorkshire following a competitive tender process. 

The scope of the survey was to identify asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and over 13,000 samples were taken in total. In addition, we sampled materials to identify the presence of Cristobalite, Refractory Ceramic Fibres (RCF) and Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and undertook sampling of water/sludge within the cooling tower ponds for Total Variable Count (TVC) in order to identify the likelihood of legionella or other potentially hazardous bacteria. 

The analysis of hazardous materials were sub-contracted to an approved local supplier for reliable and fast reporting of analysis results. 

Contract Value
Asbestos Samples
Structures & Buildings

With such a large and complex site, there were a number of key challenges for this contract, including programming, access and safety. There were over 100 buildings/structures on this complex site which were surveyed as part of the project, including large boiler houses, turbine halls, flue-gas desulfurization plants, cooling towers and 3 large chimney stacks, as well as various workshops and storage buildings and substations and water pumping stations.

Various permits to work were to be obtained to access different parts of the site and comply with the clients safe system of work. In addition, the nature of the site and scale of the structures meant that scaffolding, rope access and MEWPs were required to safely access all areas of the site. The project required us to work alongside other contractors, including an asbestos removal contractor to assist in getting access beyond known ACMs, and a supplier who provided scaffolding, platforms and ladders to access certain areas which were otherwise inaccessible.

The Solution

Given our experience in surveying large and complex sites, assigned a lead project manager and 15 surveyors to deliver this contract who posted full time to the project for 10 weeks. To focus on planning and programme management we also appointed and Project Director to oversee the delivery of the survey and coordinate input from all stakeholders into our approach and delivery methods.

Our project manager and senior surveyors underwent the clients’ in-house permit issuer training course and a lead surveyor from each two person survey team took the permit acceptor course which enabled permits to be issued quickly and efficiently, helping keep the project programme on track. 

To provide constant review of progress and focus on site safety we held an operations meeting on a daily basis with the station manager, all department heads and sub-contractor managers to discuss and proactively resolve and key issues that arose.

The project was delivered on time and within budget, with all aims achieved. The contract demonstrates Lucion’s ability to manage large scale intrusive surveys in high risk environments, maximising internal resources and collaborating with stakeholders to achieve stated aims whilst also performing under strict client led health and safety management procedures.