Case Study
Helix Well Ops

Asbestos Management Services

Lucion undertook an intrusive asbestos survey for Helix Well Ops involving one of their well intervention vessels, MSV Seawell, ahead of a major pipework replacement project. As a leading provider of rigless offshore well intervention and management services, the client was working to very tight timescales for the refurbishment works and required a competent and capable supplier to deliver the survey with minimal disruption. 

Man Days Offshore
Months Programme
Samples Analysed

The Client had expected that the gasket materials along the pipework would be either completely asbestos containing or not so the survey scope required that gaskets only be representatively sampled, rather than in their entirety. However, of the 100 gaskets sampled, 50% contained asbestos in a random distribution and it was not limited to single specific pipe runs. This presented a challenge for the project in that it was envisaged that sampling and testing requirements would not be so extensive and Client did not want to cause a delay to the project programme.

The Solution

Our innovative solution was to establish the first UKAS accredited mobile laboratory offshore, on the vessel which would allow for instant reporting of sample analysis as the works were carried out. Working closely with the Client project representatives we set up a mobile laboratory on the vessel and engaged with UKAS to arrange for their auditors to visit the laboratory, check compliance with accreditation criteria and equipment calibration and obtain an extension to our UKAS ISO 17025 accreditation.

We were able to collaborate with the pipe installation Contractor carrying out the work to provide immediate analysis and notification on whether the gaskets needed to be treated as asbestos containing materials or not and therefore if they could continue uninterrupted or wait for remediation of asbestos containing materials in-line with the control of asbestos regulations 2012 and HSG guidance.

We assigned a team of multi-qualified surveyor and air/bulk analysts to resource the laboratory and assist with the monitoring work by the pipe fitters. One Senior Analyst was appointed as the Laboratory Supervisor to manage the maintenance of the laboratory on a day to day basis ensuring compliance with UKAS accreditation criteria and equipment manufacturers’ requirements.

In total the mobile laboratory was used to analyse over 3000 gaskets over a 6 month period (roughly 30 samples analysed per day). The project was a marked success and highlights Lucion’s ability to use its significant expertise and experience to manage calibration of equipment and systems in a challenging environment and ensure the project's success.


Lucion's diligence and commitment to providing us with a service of high quality coupled with both integrity and honesty has been continuous and they have always been happy to provide advice and guidance on all matters related to the management of Asbestos Management. We will continue to use Lucion and would be hard-pressed to find a company that understands our procedures and risks with such consideration and understanding. Lucion come highly recommended on all fronts.

Helix Well Ops