Case Study
Trial Pits, Land Excavation and Stockpiling of Soil

Contaminated Land Inspection

Lucion Services was approached by one of Europes’ largest Contract Manufacturers to assist them in the management of asbestos-contaminated soil on one of their sites in County Durham.

The project involved the breaking open, excavation and stockpiling of soil within a defined area and then sampling of soil for analysis. The total site area was over 500m2 and was adjacent to a live manufacturing plant.

Led by our Environmental Consultant, the project demonstrates our capability in delivering expert ground investigation services to support our client in complying with regulations.

Contract Value
60 Soil and 4 WAC Samples Taken
Man Days On-site

Due to the nature of the contamination identified on-site we provided a BOHS P403 qualified air analyst to carry out asbestos fibre air monitoring throughout the work, consisting of perimeter reassurance tests and personal tests on our operatives to monitor ambient fibre levels. 

Dust suppression equipment was utilised via a water bowser and a suppression unit for excavation and the transportation phase of the project. A decontamination unit was supplied on-site for the duration of the project in line with control measures, guidance and emergency preparedness procedures.

The Solution

Lucion resourced the project with x3 CAT B Trained Plant operators to utilise a 360 & dumper and x1 CAT B trained Banksman / Supervisor (dual trained for asbestos air monitoring) for the duration of the project.

The site area was marked out and ground investigations started with breaking open concrete and land excavation. Once the excavation and transportation of the soil into a stockpile was completed, 60 soils samples were taken at various locations and depths for analysis to confirm the presence and quantification of asbestos by volume to determine the classification of the arisings (hazardous or non-hazardous waste). 4 waste acceptance criteria (WAC) samples were also taken from soils within and adjacent to the contaminated areas to confirm what contaminants the soil will produce when wet for compliance with waste disposal requirements.

The results of the analysis confirmed extensive contamination of asbestos in the soil and instruction for disposal at a licensed landfill was provided by the client. We removed all hazardous waste from the site as per the instruction and consignment notes were obtained for all shipments for compliance with HSG guidance.