Case Study
A Higher Education Establishment in Scotland

Asbestos Remediation Project Management

Working with one of Scotland’s top Universities we supported them in delivering a significant refurbishment and regeneration project at a site of historic interest. 

The project required the survey and subsequent removal of all known asbestos containing materials to allow the significant refurbishment works to carry on safely. 

Contract Value
10 mo.
Remediation Programme
Items Removed

Projects of this size have many inherent challenges, from programming, to resource management, quality control and budget control. In addition, large areas of the site were of listed nature and of historical importance and therefore required special considerations and adaptations to working practices to ensure they were protected.

The Solution

To address these issues our Technical Consultants worked closely with the University and Historic Scotland to produce the robust technical specification for the removal work using the findings from our refurbishment survey report, ensuring that control measures were in place for all listed features. We helped the University and the Principal Contractor in tendering for the licensed asbestos removal contractor, providing expert advice and guidance on the process, attending site visits with tenderers to ensure the requirements of the project were understood by tenderers.  

We also provided full time on-site analytical support with one Lead Analyst acting as the University’s main point of contact and managing multiple removal contractor teams on-site. Analytical and supervision activities included;

•  Reviewing the removal contractors’ method statements, risk assessments,
   training records, face fit test results, medicals etc

•  Monitoring and advising the removal contractor on their methods
    and techniques to achieve compliance with the specification,
    appropriate guidance, and agreed standards of work

•  Auditing performance at regular intervals throughout the work to ensure
    compliance with the removal specification

•  Background, leak, personal and reassurance air testing and four-stage
    clearance procedures as per HSG 248 guidance