Case Study
NHS Foundation Trust in Yorkshire

Asbestos Re-inspections

One of the largest teaching hospitals in the UK this NHS Trust manages a number of large acute hospitals and clinics providing healthcare services for its local community.

Lucion has been working with the Trust for over 5 years, providing asbestos management services to support them in maintaining compliance with the control of asbestos regulations 2012. One of the key aspects of this is the annual re-inspection of their asbestos registers which contain over 1,800 known asbestos containing materials.

We have delivered re-inspections in 2018 and 2019 with a planned 2 month programme that involves liaison with the Trust’s Estates and Safety Teams to ensure we do not disrupt the provision of healthcare services to their patients.

Contract Value
2 yrs
Contract Duration
Materials Containing Asbestos Inspected

Hospitals are a 24 hour operational environment and therefore coordinating the delivery of asbestos surveys and re-inspections presents many challenges, from access and delivery issues, to safety and infection control. 

The Trust uses the MICAD database as their asbestos register which requires asbestos re-inspection data to be recorded and updated using a mobile application on an iPad. The MICAD system requires data to be entered using exact naming references all locations which without due care and attention can lead to inconsistent and unusable data for compliance and can lead to non-compliance with asbestos regulations. 

The Solution

Our approach to overcoming these issues is to prepare a full programme for the re-inspection which is reviewed and edited in consultation with the Estates and Safety team and ward managers to confirm and book in suitable times for us to visit and complete the survey. Once on-site our surveyors work closely with and report progress to a nominated contact so that any access or safety can be addressed immediately and without disruption to patients and staff.

Our Lead Surveyors have undergone training in the use of the MICAD mobile app for accurate and consistent update of asbestos risk data and they have surveyed the Trusts sites over many years so have an in depth knowledge of locations and known asbestos containing materials. This contract exemplifies our expertise in working in the healthcare sector and the use of client databases to ensure asbestos risk data is updated correctly and fit for purpose in line with the client’s requirements.