Case Study
Local Authority in the North West

Asbestos Pre-Refurbishment Survey

This contract involves the delivery of an intrusive asbestos survey of a Grade I listed Council owned building as part of a large restorations and refurbishment project.

Starting in September 2018 and working with the Council and a Principal Contractor, our expert consultants developed an approach for the asbestos survey where it was completed in several phases to accommodate the complex and sensitive nature of the site.

Contract Value
Phased Approach
Asbestos Samples

The scope design of the project included the significant refurbishment of the existing building and this presented several key challenges to overcome, namely, how to achieve the extent of the survey whilst also protecting the listed features within the building. 

Our project team liaised with multiple heritage approved craftsmen to design the inspection and sampling strategies for over 600 known items in order to ensure that all listed features were not disturbed during the survey.

The Solution

Our expert consultants developed a 3 phase approach in partnership with the Principal Contractor and the Council and engaged with key stakeholders to design a survey specification that would achieve the required extent of inspection to deliver the project objectives.

Phase 1 was to produce an initial specification for the asbestos survey based on existing asbestos information for the site and where key refurbishment works were to take place. The general specification highlighted where further investigations may be required and was produced in consultation with the Architects and English Heritage (EH) for their approval.

Phase 2 was to identify exactly where and how sampling should be carried out and involved completed via a pre-start site walkround, marking up any rooms and areas where a sample or intrusion would be required under normal refurbishment circumstances. Each listed item (timbers, windows, floorings, stair nosing) within the building could only be accessed by specialist Heritage contractors that had been approved by the client and EH. Each contractor utilised a specific method for opening up every item, from floors, door frames, timber wall panels etc. which totalled at over 200 separate methods 

For phase 3, once all sampling, opening up and inspection points had been agreed, the survey commenced with our Lead Surveyors being  escorted around the site by EH representatives during the survey so that where items were found this could be approved by EH before it could be touched, sampled or opened up.