Case Study
Leading UK Construction Company

Asbestos Air Monitoring 

Lucion Services was approached by a leading UK construction company to provide asbestos analytical services to support an extensive remediation programme for the refurbishment of a Grade II listed building in Central London. The multi-million-pound project includes the full strip out of the building across all floors, back to brick or stonework, with walls being reconfigured to allow for a new layout. Analytical duties include all compliance monitoring during asbestos removal works, including, reassurance, leak, personal and background air monitoring and four-stage clearances all delivered in compliance with HSG 248 guidance.

Analytical Services Delivered
3 yrs
Contract Duration
Man Days On-Site

The project is unique in that as well as asbestos insulating board being present in various locations, asbestos containing clinker concrete/mortar is present throughout the building within solid and partition walls, columns/beams, window frames, structural ceiling soffits/floor slabs. This means that when undertaking any intrusive activities, the work must be supported with an enclosure built around the area as if asbestos is present it will almost certainly be deemed as licensable work.

The resource demand for the project represents a significant challenge in that full-time analytical support from multiple analysts are required to support the two licensed asbestos removal contractors in the removal and handling of the clinker concrete/mortar. In addition, with multiple analytical teams working onsite, progress and quality control can be affected if not addressed with a clear and consistent approach.

The Solution

Following an initial site visit in November 2017 to assess the site conditions and understand the project scope we started on-site almost immediately and resourced the project with 2 analysts on-site full time initially, which then extended to up to 6 analysts on-site in some cases. 

Lucion has a large resource of analytical staff, many of them with over 5 years experience in the industry, and could comfortably assign a core team of analysts to the project to provide consistency and quality control that the project requires.

The analytical services are led on-site by one of Lucion’s Senior Analysts who acts as the clients’ and removal contractors main point of contact for consistent and coherent communications between all stakeholders.