About Lucion

When Lucion was founded in 2002, the asbestos industry was still in the early years of development. Since the ban of asbestos use in buildings in 1999, there has been slow progress in raising the awareness of the dangers of asbestos exposure both for individuals and businesses.


From the beginning of this process of change, it has been essential for our company to think about what we can do to best serve our clients and reduce risks to their organisations, as well as their team and other individuals within their businesses and assets. We realised early on during our development that we wanted to make the world a safer place to live. This would become our mission.


Lucion tasked itself to take its expertise in risk management and offer it to clients to facilitate their compliance needs. In order to achieve our mission, we have developed our capabilities to extend our service offering of accredited and certified hazardous material inspection, testing, and consultancy, delivering holistic and trusted risk management.


These services are delivered through our subsidiary companies:


Today, Lucion and its subsidiary companies are the market leaders in the risk management industry, operating internationally, helping our clients to protect their compliance goals with efficiency and ease.